Jazz OWN the Warriors Tonight Game THREAD


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Sorry but this game is on Mitchell, trying hero ball instead of team ball is not very #teamiseverythingesque


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Refs letting Green stay in the game and then he makes a 3 lost this game. That hurt.

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We had an epic collapse there in the 4th. So many chances. Still lost by 1. Other bad news is nobody will be looking past the Jazz this year.


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Great game. Tough loss but GS went ALL OUT to beat us and needed alltime scoring from KD and steph to go off.

We have heaps of areas to improve.

Couple of negs..

That last play call was trash.

DM HAS to do better on that last possession, especially when we are in the penalty.


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Donovan has to get a better shot on that last real possession and Gobert has to box out. Gross way to lose a great game.