Jazz Preseason Game 3.--Jazz @ Suns--8:00 pm

Another pre-season game, another game without TV.
Radio only-1320 kfan.

Jazz look to make it 3-0 in the meaningless pre-season. Suns have struggled so far in pre-season. Jazz coming in on a back-to-back. Something has to give.

Inn Dawn

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Only care about Fes' performance tonight. Let's see how he follows up last night's career effort.


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The Suns have like 20 small forwards. Will be interesting to see how Fes plays. Hopefully his better conditioning will lead to a good back to back for him. R Lopez is a pretty good matchup for him, but will see how much they go head to head.

PS--second YB85's thoughts. Huge huge game. Clearly Hayward is a bust if he does not have a great game.


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Looking forward to: Fes, Hayward, Thompson

Not looking forward to: Live feed link requests, Locke and Boone, Nissalke

//r00t 4 Jazz

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Thur. game against the Suns will be on TV

This will be a tough game for Fess being back to back and the Suns fast pace, the only real good match up as already stated is Lopez and that should be a good one to watch IMO.
This style should hopefully fit Hayward & Evens and hopefully get some good highlights from them.


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I hope Fes can stay focused. If nothing else, he should learn from Robin Lopez. They have similar tools and we are going to be unstoppable if Fes can turn into a consistent player of that caliber (which is not asking too much).

Jazz Spazz

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Hey twentytwo, you you know where the live feed is?
Do you have that link?
I think you mentioned you might know in your post earlier.