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Jazz trade Fonteccio to Pistons for 2024 2nd

Could we not have grabbed this package in the Bojan deal?
Think this is opening minutes for Taylor. Otherwise, think there's other deals in the pipeline. Too weird otherwise, but that second will be fairly high.
Yup good trade. Tech was gone anyways and we basically picked him up off of the street.
Yeah, the only thing that has made this make sense is that the Jazz don’t want to pay the salary increase that will come about next year. He’s at 3 mil this year. That balloons to what after his play this year? 10? 15? And a 3-4 year deal? I can see why Justin doesn’t want to pay that.
I’m not reevaluating my “KO wouldn’t be traded for seconds” take.
I hope this gets parlayed and we don’t actually end up using it (which was my hope for the Royce pick last year).