Jazz v. Sixers!! pre-season game


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Jazz vs. Adelaide 36'ers
Time: 7:00 p.m.
TV/Stream: ??

First pre-season game tonight. It's basically an exhibition game that the Jazz should win by 30 points, but we can see a few of the line-up combinations.


Main Questions:

First look at Mike Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic, Ed Davis, Emanuel Mudiay and Jeff Green. Hopefully they don't suck.

Will Mike Conley really sport a man bun?

Does Royce or Joe get to start? You'd guess Joe would since they're playing an Australia team and he's a celebrity there.

Do any of the rookies get to play with the rotation players?

Watch the battle between Stanton Kidd and William Howard for the last roster spot.

I got a row 16 seat for $24, so I'm going to crash it....


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I guess I'm getting what I paid for. It doesn't surprise me with Mitchell and Gobert doing FIBA. Then maybe there's no point for Conley to play without those guys. I'd have thought Ingles would be sitting out as well. I guess we'll get to see NWG and JWF at the PG spot, and the Bo-Joe-Show. Ingles is probably only doing this because it's on TV in Australia.

So the line-up would be Mudiay/Royce/Ingles/Bojan/Davis. That's still worth seeing. It's like our 2nd unit.

I'm still hopeful that the beast that is Jarrell Brantley will have an impact by the end of the season.
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