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Jeremy Evans info

So he had a max vertical reach four and a half inches higher than Derrick Favors, the best result at the combine? I find that information dubious to say the least.
Just asking but how is this related to the Jazz?

on the training camp roster and fighting for a roster spot with the Jazz.

So this thread is about a Jazz pick who played in Orlando for the Jazz and is fighting for a permanent spot on the Jazz? I still don't see the connection.
Evans has potential, no doubt. I guarantee he makes the team this year as a minimum guy. If not, he's going to the Flash.
I see him making the roster unless the Jazz can convince him to go play in Europe for a year. If he's released, I think it's almost certain he'd get picked up by someone else. The kid has hops. Looked like the Jazz were playing 4 men plus a kangaroo when Evans was in there during the OSL games. And his 2nd jump is quick. Jazz have to carry 13, and one of those guys will be inactive each game. Keep Evans, get him to lift some weights and see if he can develop into a legitimate backup. That's the plan I think.
You're going to give me negative rep for calling you out for not only being an ***, but being completely ignorant? You better believe I'm giving you a red rep.

No, I was going to give you bad rep because it's Sunday and on Sunday your people should be forgiving and not mean spirited and out to hurt peoples feelings.
Jeremy Evans once cleared 6'10" in the high jump. I wouldn't be surprised if his Max Vert was Top 10 in the draft. I don't know what happens to that once he gains weight. But in the jumping department, right now, I'd say he'd probably impress most NBA players.