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CNN would argue with you. In the story I linked to, they say that call to a doctor who would use the monoclonal antibodies saved that woman's life.
They aren't arguing with me, they're arguing with statistics. They are free to do so.
I'm not a CNN shareholder so they aren't making money for me, and I'm a big believer in product quality. I don't see that type of "journalism" as a quality product.
Then, you're opposed to capitalism in news organization, which is not a driver of product quality in any meaningful sense. Since the founding of newspapers (and likely before), sensationalism sells.

However, if interesting to see you don't mind an inferior product as long as you are making money off of it.
After 19 pages, all I've come away with is

NAOS thinks he's funny but he's not

Using the ignore function was the only useful post out of 100 or more failed attempts to belittle others.
I’m not sure Rogan’s doctor was a quack, but I did wonder why his doctor prescribed ivermectin for Covid. Being somewhat cynical, and knowing Rogan must be quite well off, I wondered if he offered a doctor good $$ to prescribe a human level dose. But, apparently, there are some doctors who think it helps. I’m not qualified to judge one way or another if this is quackery, only that it does not comport with FDA advisories.

This seems important