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Game Thread Jul 30, 2020: Utah Jazz vs New Orleans Pelicans


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I wonder how many people will actually quit watching sports because of all this kneeling and such. I've talked to a bunch of people and I'd bet it's a massive number. Sad really.

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I guarantee you have no idea how many different meanings and political practices can be attributed to the word “Marxism.” I can safely guarantee this because your usage here (like in so many other issues you waltz into) is informed by simple/stupid pejorative usage of this term which is frequented by the political right. It’s so ****ing obvious.

You really struggle to form your own mind around concepts. They dominate you instead.
Whatever you say boss. Submit to your line of thinking or you're dumb is basically what you're saying. Heaven forbid we all think for ourselves.

If you want to be a Marxist, move to a place where that terrible way of life is the rule of law. I am sure you'll enjoy it.