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Game Thread Jun 12, 2021 06:30PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 3

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I mean, anyone who saw the part about him being questionable yesterday could have told you that. Questionable means he ain't playing.

I really hope this isn't more serious than many think it is and that the Jazz is just getting him as rested as needed for the WCF. I know some have said the Jazz won't play him until they lose but yeesh.


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Kind of an interesting spread since, in SLC, the Jazz never seemed to be more than 4 point favorites vs the Clippers.


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So, here's the thing, though. If he isn't back until the WCF is that because they're going to risk it and sit him expecting Utah to still win or is he unable to play atm?

If it's the latter, and Utah either wins this series Monday or Wednesday (so sweep or in five), and the Suns sweep the Nuggets, will he be ready to go for game one of the WCF, which could be as early as Wednesday?

If he's not, if he still needs at least a week to heal, do we want to wrap up this series so quickly with the Clippers knowing we could be playing the first two games of the WCF without Conley?

If the LAC series goes 6 or 7, it becomes more challenging, for sure, and more risky for the Jazz to lose, but could mean a fully healthy Conley if they advance.

If that's the reality here, Conley really needing more time to rest, then a quick series with the Clippers could put the Jazz in a 0-2 hole vs the Suns before he even returns.


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I believe Pat Beverley will play a pivotal role in this 3rd game one way or the other

I feel like if Utah can win the minutes Beverley is on the floor they will blow them out..


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I will be surprised if we win tonight. The casualness of the Clips kills them at times and I doubt they have those stretches tonight. I also dont see us sweeping them. Would love to win it in 5 games which I think is our best case scenario. Would love to be wrong.


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Good news is that the jazz record without conley is actually better than their record with conley.