Game Thread Mar 19, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Raptors

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Let's stop playing like the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers.

I noticed teams have figured out that when Rudy switches on a smaller defender the rest of the Jazz team stands there like idiots watching the play.

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Could potentially be a good thing. Would force us to step up on defensive effort or at least point this out to us significantly so that we, hopefully, at some point, pick up defensive effort. The other is that it would force Quin to do something different with the rotation and play some guys.
I think we are losing this game either way. Schedule loss... Raps get all their guys back tonight and have the type of athleticism and hustle that can hurt us. Kyle Lowry also averages like 45 pts against us for his career. I don't know what the actual number is but he seems to do pretty well against us.


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I wonder how bad It may be hurting if Rudy actually miss out. Just can't feel as optimistic before game as three weeks ago