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Mike Conley Resurgence


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To be honest, if it were me with that injury, I would probably be out playing basketball again in two or three days.

It was an isolated popliteal over extension(meaning no other muscle structures were involved), so he probably felt very minimal pain and was walking around with no problem 20 minutes later. Probably more of a scare than anything for him. I imagine if I felt that I would stay on the ground too for good measure.

If he is out the full month, it is because of precautions, rest, or simply testing out other lineups. The hamstrings don’t even connect to the popliteal in any manor so there shouldn’t be any “crossover injury concerns” there.

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Mike is huge and is the leader of this team with Lauri. If we got a good opportunity, we have to trade him as he is 35. But if not, i'm sure he will be great the second part of the season.