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Minority stake in Smith Entertainment Group sold to Arctos; goal for 3rd Utah pro sports team.

I think Smith might want to focus on running one team well before bringing in more teams? Maybe I am the only one who is not all in on what he has done with the Jazz.
This could be good for the Jazz... go worry about the new baseball or football team while the basketball people take care of things.
Noooooooo!!!!! I already have a favorite football and baseball team and they win championships, hell the Braves won last year and the 49ers played for one in 19. This sucks!!!
Utah Cutthroat Trout?
Utah Killers Bees?
Utah Antelope Island Wolverines?
So many names from which to choose.
I think a baseball or NHL team would be huge for SLC. NFL probably not so much with Sundays and the LDS community.