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Game Thread Nov 26, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

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Elizah Huge

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Lauri was in there and was worse than KO. KO fouled Ayton hard one play and at least challenged him a few times. Lauri was soft as hell tonight. Still a good game overall for the Jazz though.

Yeah, a few were over Lauri and Craig got one over him too.


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Rebound, some TO when it count, defensive part, some mistake form coach as well... we back to earth. Lots of issue with our team that need to be improved. But we give a good fight and stay close all nigh in a B2B. Get some rest, the series coming will tell what we can expect.


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I miss goberts defense and rebounding. Bigs always kill us.
Speaking of Ayton, he is like the prototype for centers skill wise and size wise. If he had the effort and intensity of Sexton. Holy **** he would be good.
He really doesn't have any weaknesses other than it just seems he doesn't usually care very much.