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Game Thread Nov 26, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

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Honestly, hitting a game winner with 0.8 seconds left seems a lot more probable than the Jazz getting a clean rebound with Olynyk inside.

From the 9:57 mark (when Kessler checked out) to the 0:58 mark, the Jazz got one defensive rebound.

The Suns got 8 offensive rebounds in that span.

Good job Hardy.

I wish a reporter would bring up that stat and ask him about it.
Borderline retarded not fouling on that last possession. We have 1.5 seconds best case scenario if we get it back with a perfectly clean rebound, which we didn't accomplish.
This. 1.5 seconds aint ****. And like you said, thats best case scenario. Plus who in the hell would think we would get a stop AND a rebound? Hadn't happened all game (hyperbole noted but still)
Pretty stupid to settle for getting scored on every possession because "Oh Olynyk moves the ball around" (he had 0 points and 0 assists in the 4th quarter).
Nailed it.
KO gotta go
The reporters better go after hardy hard for that one. Pure insanity. And you know what makes it even more insane? Booker didn't even get the ball! So we had opportunities to foul 2 suns players who aren't booker and still didn't foul. Suns set us up perfectly by not getting the ball to booker and we blew it.

Seriously we could have fouled Payne. He’s not a bad FT shooter he’s around 80% but it’s better than Booker for sure.
That was a close one but once again a good result. I love losing while still seeing guys play. It is great to see NAW get some decent minutes and shut up some of the haters. Unfortunately when Conley gets back he heads back to the dnp's. Hopefully Ainge has some balls in the future and is willing to move the vets.