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Game Thread Nov 26, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

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Wow the officiating is such garbage.
Kessler had that nice screen for JC, only one I saw.
Yeah he sets solid screens. Everyone else shows like they are going to set a screen then they slip it and cut. Makes it hard for the ball handler to get any space for a pass. Setting a screen or at least bumping the defender on the ball handler would be more effective. Then they come to expect a screen so when you slip it you can get some space.
The refs have rigged at least 15 points so far. The NBA is so stupid.

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Finally the jazz make a shot
I haven't seen clarkson be a flamethrower in a long time it seems.
0-6 for Lauri. ouch. On one of his attempts he was 100% fouled though and didnt get the call.
Stat of the game so far: 7 turnovers for jazz (bad but not horrible). Only 1 turnover for the suns. (suns have 4 more shots than the jazz. Not including the shots that resulted in free throws for them where they also have the edge)