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Game Thread Nov 26, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

Added to Calendar: 11-26-22

Luckily the refs are there to bail Phoenix out as soon as we get a tiny bit of momentum.
There are a couple players on the court for the Jazz right now who have zero interest in competing, and it is sinking us right now.
When did Phoenix sign the guy from LMFAO?
What's crazy is we aren't playing all that well, and the refs are intent on bailing out Phoenix every chance they get, but we are still right there in this thing.
IDK What its is with back end of b2b games for Lauri but his shooting is just off with these. Last two of these he was btter but still in them five comined he is MUCH below his normal shooting splits. He gotta find some new methods to recover. He runs back down to defense slower too than in other games.