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Official Let's Go BUCKS!!! NBA Finals thread

Dario Saric torn ACL bugger ...
A lot of the Bucks fans are making this out to be a huge deal, but I don't think it really is.

The Suns basically have had this problem all year, basically defense against bigs when Ayton is out or in foul trouble. So its not anything new for them.

Saric actually did play like a 6th man of the year candidate for about 1-2 months after he came back from COVID, but one he hurt his ankle, his effectiveness basically tanked. He hasn't been the same player since early March before the All-Star break.

Suns could sort of mix and match Kaminsky and Torrey Craig at the 5 when Ayton is out. They will probably need to play Ayton 36-40 minutes per game in this series to match Giannis.
Giannis is a great ambassador for and everything that’s right with the NBA. I’m happy the world is getting to know him on this stage. The league needs more Giannis’s.

And less Lebron. Why Giannis is not the star of the new Space Jam is beyond me.
Great win for the Bucks especially since they were down 16 in the first quarter. Giannis needs to work on his FTs I thought they were going to blow the game missing all those FTs. Holiday with a couple of great plays. The steal and the pass. I am hoping the Bucks can finish them off next game.
Young team that has never been in this spot?

Yeah, they're done.

Bucks by 30+ on Tuesday.

That might be it for CP3's career, and for the Suns chances in the next few years. CP3 likely leaves Phoenix.
He made it to the finals in his first try with Phoenix. No way him and the suns don't want to run it back. The only way I can see him leaving is if it's to play with Bron.