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Official Let's Go BUCKS!!! NBA Finals thread

Suns need a better backup big and another ball-handler in the starting lineup.

If Chris Paul leaves it's going to be tough.
Sadly this is more of an example of "the best player wins" than the small market having hope.

It's so hard to win in the NBA if you dont have the most dominant player with size.
Before the series started I was hopeful for the Bucks, after they went down 0-2 I thought they should just be happy to win a game or 2. The suns looked like us against the clippers.
I do think the Jazz matchup insanely well with the Bucks. I think they beat them in 6 games in a Finals matchup if healthy. Jrue's elite D wouldn't be as impactful on a team with more playmaking options. Against the Suns you only have to shutdown two playmakers. Against Utah you got 4.