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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Minny is playing well, despite Ant going 0-7 at 3 until now. Great game from Mike and Rudy as well. Solid performances if they don't blow all in the 4th quarter.
Watch Minny game tonight. Definitly their best game so far. Great defense, good offense, great passing... they dominate Atlanta from start to end. If they can find more consistency, they will be in the PO.
11, 17, 28 - that's our picks as of today...

11, 17, 28 - that's our picks as of today...

I think all three will end up better than that.
twolves play the celtics tonight. I expect a loss there.
mavs should beat the spurs.
lakers should beat the rockets.
Both of them would be tied with the wolves if those 3 likely things end up happening.
Celtics are *** all of a sudden. Would be nice if they would stop being butt to beat the wolves tonight... and us on Saturday.