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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Rudy was huge, despite missing 2 FT at crutch time. Mike keep them in the game for a while. Reid was garbage, miss lay up getting 3 rdb in 25 min, TO....him and Prince lose the games. Nice to see Rudy and this level. Good loss for us .
For sure, Slomo, Mike playing more than 40 min, tomorrow will be tough....if they lose the next 2 games, they are probably done for the season.
If they play Mike it’s a huge mistake… this is exactly the type of situation where he’d pull a hammy and be done for the year. They are desperate enough they may try.
Sounds like Ant will miss some games but not anything that is a season ender. I’d guess a week.
Stupid Lakers should be tied with Minnesota right now. They blew it right at the end and lost by a point to the Mavs.
Minnesota is 5-8 since trading for Conley and NAW.
Mike is having a very good impact ( shooting 42% at 3) and help bring back Rudy to his Jazz level. The problem of Minny is not Rudy or Mike but much more the second unit who is clearly weak, unable to defend and not consistent on the offensive side. One of the worst bench i have seen so far. If Ant is out for many games, they are done unless KAT come back asap. And even with KAT, i'm not sure they can make it.