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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Before today's PICKS games we have UTH 13# MIN 17# PHI 27#

(3-2) BRK (3-2) for Clippers this last 6th road game.
SA (3-17) CHI (3-2) Spurs are tanking hard, Bulls should win easily.
DAL (3-2) UTH (3-2) Mavericks starless team face before trade line motivated Jazz team.
OKC (2-3) G.S (3-2) Warriors (8th) are half game behind Wolves and Mavericks - very important game.
Before today's PICKS games we have: UTH 13# MIN 16# PHI 27#.

Min at Den - second of BB series.Twolves should get L.
Okc at Lal - Lebron will get his crown Lakers should win too.
Phx at Brk - Suns two road wins in a row. Nets lose first Kyrieless.
I am thinking we will dump that Nets PHI pick at the deadline, if it can get us another pick in 24 instead since we don't have any unless we are even worse next season.
Denver is BLASTING the Wolves. May have done them a favor though if it gets too far out of hand… need them to play Edwards 40 minutes tonight so he tired tomorrow