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Potential "Buy Low" Candidates


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Jonathan Issac, depending on what you have to give up, low risk, potential high reward option. Much more talent than Hunter, Collins, OG or P Williams. Just needs to have some injury luck.
just not sure isaac is a buy low guy. i have to think the magic are still high on him and expect big things. i think it take a bit to get him.


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i might give dzanan musa a shot as a buy low guy - averaged 20 and 5 in the ACB league on 50% FGs and 38% 3pt - 63.4% TS. his 20 ppg led the league in scoring by a wide margin (2nd place was at 17 ppg). he just turned 23.


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The Mavs just held a veteran free agent mini camp with 30 some players with a lot of the same guys the Jazz had in. Tyreke Evans was the "star" of the group. If he's clean and sober there might be your guy.


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Too bad we can't have that guy on the roster and instead we need Royce, Paschall, John Collins and every other player Donovan has ever crossed paths with in his childhood and is friendly with.
This would be a really great time for a KOC/DL branding of "our biggest buy low move was keeping Rudy."

RIP DL/KOC/Millers.