Quote from Lakers' forums-"All five Utah starters had double digit points, and yet a bench player still had the most scored in the game."


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Pre Game

With the Jazz will come down to how they are shooting given how much they chuck three balls.

With Mitchell out we got a chance. Gobert and Conley are good but not world beaters.

They want to avoid us falling to the 7th or 8th seeds and potentially playing them in the first round. But I would think they also want to keep us out of 4/5 as well. Ideal scenario for them is they get the #1 seed and we get the #6 seed.

winnable game.
would love to see how Drummond does against Gobert.

Rudy is massively over rated​

Will be good to see how Drummond matches up with him.
Don’t think we’ll win again, but I recon it’ll be close, esp if illasova and favours don’t play

Exited to see how we engage Gobert

1st Half

O'neale shouldn't be scoring this easily

defending ingles is key ...

This pace works well for the Lakers. The Jazz will have to cool off at some point but the Lakers can shoot like this all day once they get going.

3 threes in a row! ... Let's Go LA!!

Can we guard the ****ing 3 point line that’s all they do

No one guards Clarkson, I notice.

Showing the Jazz a lot of love. We made 6 threes

Wes 12 mins. 0 points. 1 turnover

Is Gasol hurt again? Trez against Gobert is just the worst matchup possible and shouldn’t happen at all.

Harrell is useless with Gobert out there. DS is a gamer

TNT another 3!!

Why do we play Wes Matthews?

Yea you may not want to attack Gobert in the post. Especially if you are 6'7. He won 2 defensive player of the year awards for a reason.

We got Drummond for nothing, still surreal

What do the Jazz do when their team is cold from three?

Jazz cant' miss from 3....goddamn

Kuz has the worst handles in the league for a perimeter player. My gosh they are weak.

Jazz shooting 60/50/100 lol

Ingles isn’t hitting ******** like that in the playoffs

Clarkson looking legit these past two games. I'm happy for his success, but damn dude.

Clarkson has torched 4 different defenders on him already lol

drummond please don’t touch the ball on offense

Oh my god stop making 3’s Utah!!!

i can literally do everything they are doing right now... turnovers, bricks, airballs, getting cooked on defense.... you dont even have to give me 10s of millions for that

Crazy to think when fully healthy the Jazz have 7 deadly 3 point snipers! 7 guys all on pace for well over 100 made this season.

Gobert the goofiest mf inna league lmao like It doesn’t matter what that man does its just goofy

Something about the way the Jazz plays on offense just pisses me off. Probably because they just jack threes?

Man tough break catching Utah b2b right now

Our schedule without LBJ and AD has been brutal

our defense against their slowest players has been horrid

8-14 on 3pt and down by 12. Not good.

Shooting 38% from the field but 57% from 3...yea, usually those become L's. That 3 shooting wont hold and missing chucks at the hoop (or Gobert blocking them).

Our team must lead the league in missed dunks btw

KUZ again!

Ingles seems to be very friendly/respectful with Laker players like Drumm and Kieff. He usually seems like he tries to get under other players' skins.

Jazz got two tall ugly white boys ****ing us up

52-42 Jazz at the Half.

Lakers just look overmatched in this one as the Jazz are playing everyone, except Mitchell.

Lakers actually shooting well from 3, at a 9-18 clip. But are 7-22 from 2. Getting nailed in the paint, 26-12. Some ugly possessions, eg Dre missed an easy lob for a dunk (he slammed ball on the rim) that ended up really hurting the team where they could have reduced Jazz lead to 3, but watched as Jazz extended lead.

Gobert kicking our a** on the interior

Lakers 9-17 from 3
But only 7-22 from inside the arc. Their lack of offensive balance is hurting them big time.

Gobert is shutting him down every time

He just got badly schooled by Gobert. And wow Jazz are an incredible shooting team. Joe Ingles is ice cold. He should be the ice man not Trae Young.

solid offense and defense so far, Jordan Clarkson is just annoying lol

in his last 7 minutes, Dennis Schröder is shooting 100% from 3

Letting Joe Ingles cook...Jesus Christ

2nd Half

Royce Scrub O'neal​

starts the second half with another 3 just like he started the game

How do their PnR gets Gobert open layup/dunk and ours, we don’t even try passing it to Drummond, is he not rolling or something?

Jazz flexing on us lol. Cannot wait until the playoffs.

Both Phoenix and Denver went into OT. I got a feeling the Jazz will too.

Welp, can't win if we can't keep up with their shooting.

And Mitchell most certainly isn't their best player. That would be Gobert by a mile

Gobert is easily their most impactful player. I’d even say Conley could be too

Different Jazz team. Last game we could switch a lot. Tonight we have different coverages and rotations dealing with Gobert/Conley's shooting coming off the high screens. AD2 getting picked on a bit with his decision making.

Lakers and coaching staff are morons if they don’t know Joe Ingles can shoot 3’s

Ingles is the last guy to leave wide open. He’s shooting 50%

Someone else here said it plainly enough - overmatched. Utah is just getting whatever they want offensively. The truth is that we should be very happy with the wins that this team has gotten (against some really good teams).

Ingles is so slow there is NO reason why you shouldn’t defend him on the perimeter

They're really worried about being beaten off the dribble by him, when it seems like really he just wants to pull up and shoot it from 3

Lakers down by 20 after 3.

Clarkson looking like prime Lou Williams

Utah, when healthy is no joke. Shooting around 60% into the 3Q

The Jazz just don’t ****ing miss

What in the ****

Bruh these jazz ****ers are insane with the 3s

utah are a hard team to defend

Joe Ingles running his mouth, and Clarkson with the tap on Lebron. Playoffs can't come fast enough

I don’t think y’all realize joe doesn’t give a **** about the situation of the game he will **** talk

The Jazz really got Clarkson for Dante Exum and a 2RP

Kuzma lets Ingles run right by him when he has the slowest drive to the basket in NBA history.

why are the jazz celebrating they literally haven’t accomplished ****

Clarkson chill bruh lmao

I love Clarkson and all but how come he was never this consistent with the 3 with the Lakers

Mark Jackson talking makes me want to puke blood

Quinn snider looks more like a crazy batman antagonist.

Quinn snyder speaks like a frat boy

Jazz had to play gobert and conley to have a chance against our b squad

At least try to make it not embarrassing

Where is Schroder?
Where is Kieff?
Where is Drummond?
Where is KCP?

All these guys are MIA?

Lakers gittin spanked. It's ok we're short handed. I got a sneaky feeling LBJ & AD are ready to go but won't play until around 8 to 10 games left in the season. Just enough time to shake the rust off. They're going to be 100% ready to hit the 94x50 running.

Disaster game from Drummond defensively. They know he’s a weakness tonight

Utah calls timeout.. they just don’t have championship fiber

10 possession game

9 possession game!

Drummond making a strong case not to play him against Gobert.

I hope nobody is surprised about what is happening tonight the Jazz are very good and we need all hands on deck in order to beat them are two best players are sitting on the sideline and it isn’t close are two best players are vastly better than anybody else on the team

Drummond looks like he is rushing everything right now with Gobert. He's fumbling the ball and short arming everything. He is so out of sync right now

Wow the Jazz seems to be taking the lakers to the cleaners, clarkson in on a mission.

Without gobert=beast

With gobert=clown penguin

Wasn’t expecting a win but holy **** put some effort!


3pt % is actually identical.. they are killing us in the paint

Seriously ingles? Wtf

Jesus **** how do the Jazz shoot like this against us...

Compare our shooters with the Jazz. They let it fly with no hesitation. Almost everyone on our team always hesitates.

Why can’t the lakers just stay home with the three point shooters? I’d rather give jazz all the paint points they want .

We got jingled lol

Joe Ingles is good man

I wish we could shoot like this.

We’re shooting 44% from 3 right now that’s like a historic shooting night for us lmfaoo

The NBA is a joke when a piece of **** like Joe Ingles just parks his fat dumpy *** at the 3 point line and hucks up 3s all night. This Jazz team is the most boring 1 team ever.

Rudy showing Drummond how to finish dunks

Let's be real.. Utah are beating any team the way they are shooting tonight.

If you know basketball you know that we can beat the Utah Jazz very convincingly in the playoffs

Jingles is so good, I want him

Clarkson has improved so much since he left the lakers ;(

dont tell me ingles was running his mouth? they let that white boy in LA just run thru them like a hoe on figueroa and then let him run his mouth... embarrassing

My god is this team good

No shame in getting jingled

Post Game

Jazz so insecure you keep your starters in. Live n die by the three. Gobert is an overrated crybaby, Mitchell doesn’t know how to win when it counts. You’ll die by the three come playoffs time. First round exits. Enjoy your regular season win. Bron+AD come back well sweep you

That was a ****ing clinic

Jazz would lead wire to wire in this one. They came to play with everyone, except Mitchell.

Early on Lakers would make it interesting. In the second quarter, trailing by 5, there was a nice setup for a lob to Dre who took it...and jammed it on the rim. A few plays later Jazz would be up by 12. Lakers never really got close after that. Got to within 9, then 10 at the half. But as the third quarter opened, best lakers could do was get within 9, then the Jazz opened the flood gates, got lead up to 20ish...game over.

You knew it would be tough when, at the half, Lakers were shooting 9-18 from 3, but still losing by 10. Reason? They were shooting just above 30% from 2.

Jazz crushed the paint, 52-36. Ended up shooting 57% for the game (45% from 3). Lakers were given zero, and I mean zero, reprieve in this game. The Jazz were out to smash them, and did.

I will say - I’m worried about how just white hot this Jazz team is and how easily they get good shots. Totally on board with the whole “it’s different in the playoffs” argument, and “shoot yourself into it/out of it” thing... but these MFers can shoot and a lot of these are good, open shots, all off good passes. The ball has energy with this team.

Utah got the upper hand tonight​

A lot of folks glorify Mitchell, but Gobert is the Jazz player that makers his team special. His presence for them is huge.

Some of these jazz players have blown by our guys way to easy the last two games.

Bad night for Drummond on both ends,Gobert was wrecking havoc on them

No cause for alarm. Gobert makes a lot of players look like they're having an off night. A healthy AD would counter that nicely.

Dre got schooled by Gobert

Jazz offense is ****ing unreal

I really don't want face them til WCF

All five Utah starters had double digit points, and yet a bench player still had the most scored in the game. That's some crazy balance.

Damn. Utah Jazz with a dominant game.

Lakers going 1-1 on this weekend match-up is great. The Jazz are so hard to guard and Rudy is such a difference maker. GG's


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Arrogant comments aside some nice things were said but I do not need ugly comments to hate the Lakers. The hate is in my Jazz DNA. There fans just make it easier.
I'd be arrogant too if I have lebron and AD on my team. We don't have anybody who can guard them, same as a lot of teams in the league


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Rudy is massively over rated​

Will be good to see how Drummond matches up with him.
Don’t think we’ll win again, but I recon it’ll be close, esp if illasova and favours don’t pla
This is some next level stupid. Gobert reaping souls out there. The block on Harrell is one of my new all time favorites
What do the Jazz do when their team is cold from three?
Simple, win by 15 instead of 25.
Reading their quotes I hope they get bounced in the first round, spoiled pricks!

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I’m not sure if I like or dislike the pivot that some fan bases have made on Joe Ingles... it used to be “I can’t believe we got spanked by Joe Frickin Ingles” now it’s much more “hey Joe Ingles gonna Jingles... no shame in getting jingled”

I like that he is more respected but I want other fan bases to feel maximum amounts of shame. It’s a tough spot for me.


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This is some next level stupid. Gobert reaping souls out there. The block on Harrell is one of my new all time favorites

Simple, win by 15 instead of 25.
Reading their quotes I hope they get bounced in the first round, spoiled pricks!
Can’t wait for Bron and his agent to force more talent to the Lakers this offseason! Such a profoundly fair league we watch!