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From the Indiana Pacers forums:

4 years, 73 million. We couldn’t match that? What a JOKE.

That’s crazy to me... time will tell, but I feel like there were ways to retain Bojan and get Brogdon.

The salt in the wound is that this is actually less money than he had been rumored to sign for...

It's the right team for him to be on, being 30 years old.

Our goals will start when he will be 32 years old: 2021 playoffs. It's a happy divorce as far as I'm concerned.

So, what happens to Joe Ingles now?

Sucks, but I bet we weren't offering that 4th year. I think he'll be fine throughout that contract, but we couldn't commit that long where the team is at.

Ultimately we really should have just bit the bullet and made the offer while not trading for Warren as insurance.

This sure stings, especially after how he carried us most of last season.

Though, I'm glad FO made the signings it did to augment his loss. Likewise, happy Bojan getting what he deserves and will be in another winning situation.

Thanks for the time here, Bojan. You did well.

They’re starting Ingles at the 3 and slotting Bojan in at the 4.

if it's over 18 let em walk

Why do I have the feeling if failure during this free agency period?

Makes sense for the Jazz

Trading for Conley means they saw the open west and went all in.

BB would be perfect for them playing off of Conley and DM and taking advantage of Gobert drawing the defense in when he dives to the paint.

They would be a legitimate threat if Conley can load manage til the playoffs.

Conley, Mitchell, Igles, BB, Gobert line up in the play offs would work when things go small.

At least the Jazz have ambition

Bogey is not one we want to lose
Since we are all discussing how Indy is not a destination for free agents, and our best way to improve is either to trade or draft, we don’t want to lose Bogey. He has worked in the system, seems to like it here, and has excelled here. He is one you pony up some money for (since we’re not getting Kemba or DLo) and work with it. If you keep Bogey and then get Rubio (which is the prevailing thought), you then have to round out the team with our backup guards. But you don’t, don’t let a free agent walk that you want to keep, and especially if he would prefer staying……not if you are Indiana.

where are they finding cap space to make an offer? wtf?

They have a team option on Favors they can use to clear a little less than 20 mil

best starting lineup in the nba right now

My heart hurts. God speed Dad Bod

Guys I’m gonna ****in miss Bojan

Comments from around the league on the Bogdanovic trade:

Pacers- Utah Jazz 2020 NBA champs. You heard it first right here.

Warriors- I'd low-key love that and I wouldnt even be surprised either.

Lakers- You’d be a little surprised. Come on

Lakers- I honestly can see them coming out of the West. They were already having a fantastic offseason just by picking up Conley. The Warriors won’t be contending next year and the Rockets seem like they’ll probably take a step back, so unless Kawhi ends up going to the Lakers then it probably comes down to Denver and Utah for the WCF. I think the Raps would probably be favored to repeat if they run it back, but either of those series would be fascinating.

Heat- Can a team with 0 All-Stars be stacked

Raptors- Bojan is the fourth fringe all-star right?

Raptors- Yeah I see both your team and the pacers as the darkhorse teams to make the finals

Thunder- I think they are the best team in the West right now so yeah it can be.

Conley-Mitchell-Bogdanovic-Ingles is a ****ing killer squad.

Not to mention Gobert, lol.

Unk- The Lakers only what, 4 players in a jersey right now? They're one injury away from a lottery pick so there's no way they should be considered the top of the West. It's a 3-way tie with Nuggets who stood still, Rockets who might be worse than last year due to age and stagnancy, and Utah, who just loaded up.

Kings- Sure. Gobert is snubbed and Conley played at a consistent all star level for a long time, just couldn't find a spot in the stacked West. If Mitchell makes the jump too they have 3 all star level players plus some great roleplayers. This is a stacked team.

Cavaliers- I bet my dick Donovan Mitchell will be an all star next year, book it.


Unk- Wait that’s actually a nasty fkn team Mitchell is only getting better too

Kings- Yeah and now he won’t have to be the entire offense, he’s gonna improve a lot without that scoring pressure I think

Nets- Conley plays within the flow of the game and doesn’t force much, so he’ll be fine with Mitchell having the ball I think. Plus he’s a good enough shooter when defenses collapse.

I do think he’ll end up being the more efficient scoring option down the stretch, though, and would rather give Conley the rock in clutch situations.

Unk- I think itll help Jingles a lot too, he doesnt have to have that pressure being the #2 scorer and put the ball on the floor, and he can sorta form a Klay mold on the team

Unk- It's crazy because Joe might not even start. If they decide to plug Royce in the starting line up, Joe is going to run away with 6th man of the year.

Bulls- A team that absolutely keeps you honest defensively that also forces you to keep a big man on the floor. I can’t wait to watch this.

Celtics- 1 seed in the West next year should they maintain health in that starting 5. Will be fascinating to see how far they can go in the playoffs.

Nets- Not far fetched at all. Them and Denver are going to have some ****ing battles man.

Unk- If Mitchell takes a leap, they’re in the WCF.

Rockets- Creepy Jazz music plays in the background

Pacers- Actually now that I think about it you guys are the only other team that could make use of him, Turner covered up his many flaws and you can have Gobert do the same.

76ers- ****ing stacked

Nuggets- As a nuggets fan this team terrifies me

Nuggets- Can someone in the Northwest take a step back for the love of god. If D’Lo lands in Minny then I wouldn’t be shocked to see the entire division make the playoffs next season.

Nuggets- The GSW window closes just in time for Utah to bust a ****ing hole in the wall.

Nuggets- Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m sad

Knicks- The Western conference emits an audible gasp as they stare in amazement at the girth of what Utah has just stuck through the wall.

Unk- Utah's got a 2 year window for a title.

Mavericks- Jazz putting together a great team


Toronto- WCF or bust for Utah

Lakers- On paper the best team since Malone/Stockton by a large margin

Warriors- Yeah honestly they might be my pick in the West rn

Pacers- Ya'll got a great guy. So many wings!!

Spurs- Utah is looking great, Bojan and Conley, this probably helps give Mitchell a lot of space to work next season

Warriors- Two accountants unite in Utah



Blazers- Northwest gotta chill, holy

Grizzlies- Jazz are ****ing scary

Lakers- Jesus they are flying off the board.

Raptors- The Jazz are looking really good for next season.

Clippers- How many good players are the Jazz gonna get??

Lakes- This is probably it, but damn, that front office made some great moves

Grizzlies- Jazzzzzzzzzzz are real contenders. Keep sleeping.

This guy totally fits the Hayward role at a discount


Lakera- Lakers better keep making moves if they expect to compete w/ this Jazz squad

Unk- zero stars, they're not winning the west

Jazz- a court general, a 22 year old avenger, the sexiest australian man in history, a croation demi-god, and the 2 time DPOY

Raptors- Utah got a very good 3 point shooter out of this


Lakers- Top 5 PG, best defender in the league, up and coming superstar in Mitchell, and now a solid stretch 4. Sky is the limit for this team next season


Paers- Noooo. Sad to see him go.

Utah is about to be just nasty next year.

Nets- Contender

Unk- Jazz are top 5 defense AND offense now.

Unk- Bojan, Ingles, Mitchell, Gobert and Mike Conley. That's a scary starting 5

Bulls- Utah stacked, going heavy with the small ball around Gobert and ALL that space for Mitchell now

76ers- love this for Utah

Kings- Holy **** Jazz are getting spooky

Celtics- Damn! Jazz ain't ****ing around.


Rockets- Jazz gonna be spooky

Ubk- Great fit and good value

Bulls- Jazz favorites in the west now?

Cavaliers- Utah will win 60 + games this season.

Raptors- O SNAP

Knicks- holy ****. Jazz scary.

Sonics- Fantastic get for Utah

Lakers- Joe Ingles & Bogdanovic is the dad bod duo that I did not know the NBA needed until now

Cavaliers- I wasn’t expecting this at all lol

Raptors- Love this Jazz team

Pistons- Jazz are gonna be real nice

Frizzlies- Conley/Bogdanovic scares me

Knicks- Lol he’s getting paid less than Terry Rozier. Great signing

Kings- Bojan and Ingles what a duo

Rockets- This is a good signing for Utah, Bogdanovic can be like a Matt Harpring type for the Jazz, maybe even better. They brought in some good scoring with bringing in Conley and Bogdanovic

Pacers- he Jazz got their LeBron stopper

Celtics- Jazz are very fun

Timberwolves- Wild Wild West just got wilder.

Knicks- Steal

Jazz are going to be annoying again lol

Heat- Excellent deal for Utah, they look dangerous

Celtics- That's such a solid team.

Pacers- Can never hate on Bogey. Can’t wait to see what he does in Utah. Take care of him, Jazz fans!

Mavericks- Oh God I can't handle Boban and Jingles on the same team.

Unk- Jazz see their window

Warriors- Holy ****

Raptors- oh ****, utah is making a run to the western conference finals

Clippers- Jazz lowkey looking pretty nice

76ers- Great move

Unk- 18 million a year? Is he that good? Nevertheless, great player for the Jazz. They look to be all in

Pelicans- WOW Jazz are stacked

Raptors- I really like this team. Bojan has shown so much growth since leaving the Wizards

Unk- I wasn’t on the “Harrison Barnes overpay” bandwagon but I’d much rather have Bogdanovic and his deal is way cheaper.

Thunder- Well uhm. I looked at the jazz team told myself it was ok yes they are scary but they are lacking elite 3p shooting jsut like we are.. ugh. Fade me.

Lakers- Jazz might have the best starting lineup in the league now. Their squad is legit. Excited to see them play this year.

Raptors- Did the Jazz just become a top 10 offense???

Unk- Hot take this is probably the best team in the league.

Spurs- As a Spurs fan, even I am erect for the Jazz

Celtics- ****... I love the Jazz now?

Unk- LEAGUE ****ED

Spurs- Donovan makes or breaks this team now, Jazz looking pretty good

76ers- Jazz not playing

Warriors- Ingles and Bojan boutta be the most not menacing wing duo ever lol

Unk- ah **** thats a nice starting lineup

Blazers- Utah is loaded. Damn.

Blazers- Northwest Division arms race

Nuggets- Damn so much less money then someone like Barnes..and hes better.Jazz gonna be spooky

Lakers- Why are so many teams good now?

Knicks- Honestly, Jazz are outside finals contenders with this squad. We still gotta see where Kawhai lands, but they're in contention for best summer

Raptors- Do the Jazz have the best 5th best player in the league now?

Pacers- I am devastated we lost Bojan :( you've heard about the shooting, great eye, and improved defense, but the one thing you'll fall in love with him for is his constant maximum effort. Bojan truly stands out.

Suns- I can’t wait to see the Jazz and Pacers play this upcoming season, two above average teams who made some great moves so far. I feel like a 7 game series between them would be an instant classic with these line iOS

Timberwolves- I really, really like the look of the Jazz right now. Conley and Bogdanovic are great complements to Mitchell. Mitchell's going to get a lot better when defenses can't just focus on him.

Lakers- Now I have to Google who plays for the Jazz



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Adding another

Pacers - Guys I want Bojan back now more than ever. You wanna know why? He's played his whole career without having a significant amount of rest. According to his exit interview, he hasn't had a summer of rest since he was 16, and you can definitely see Bojan slump toward the end of the year, especially in the playoffs. I really want to see what a well-rested Bojan looks like next year.

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My heart hurts. God speed Dad Bod
Dad bod brothers. Lol
Cavaliers- I bet my dick Donovan Mitchell will be an all star next year, book it.
Who’s taking that bet? Seriously, who? I need to know so I can stay away from him.
Unk- I think itll help Jingles a lot too, he doesnt have to have that pressure being the #2 scorer and put the ball on the floor, and he can sorta form a Klay mold on the team
Yes yes yes!! Maybe these moves help him rediscover his 3pt stroke.

Toronto- WCF or bust for Utah
When was the last time we could say that?
Someone’s been reading jazzfanz. Lol
Mavericks- Oh God I can't handle Boban and Jingles on the same team.
Unmmm ok?

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Lets be honest for a second. Some of those takes from Pacers fans have totally overlooked the fact that they traded for Tony Buckets TJ Warren on draftnight...

The writing was on the wall they'd lose him especially with the Brogdon move.


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"Jazz- a court general, a 22 year old avenger, the sexiest australian man in history, a croation demi-god, and the 2 time DPOY"
Lol. Is that a Jazz fan anyone knows?


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OmG so pumped up. I thought our next best move available would have been Mirotic. This is so much better. I wouldn't be surprised if we managed to get him to now.

All those who have been talking trash about DL may need some hot sauce with all the crow they are about to eat.