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Quotes from Kings' forums-"You know, this is ridiculous, just condemn the damn building and call it a night, haha."


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Pre Game

Here’s to hoping this is Luke Walton’s last game as our head coach.

the kings blowing out the freaking Jazz by thirty points the night after getting absolutely pantsed by the Raptors would be peak Luke Walton Kings.

Spread: UTAH: -8

we boutta come out hot, win the half by 6-9 points. absolutely collapse in the 3rd and head into the 4th down 5+, deficit increases to 10+ early into the fourth when with 6 mins left we start to fight back to tie it up with about 2-3 minutes left and then just make awful decisions down the line and lose by 3-7

Why do we have to play the jazz AGAIN?! They always **** us up.

I have a good feeling tonight we will achieve our Golden ratio - 1:2 wins to losses!

1st Half

Buddy has 3 FGA (and made!), none 3's!

Mike Conley is averaging 13.2 ppg this year.
Against the Kings he scored 17 and 30 and has 12 already.

Mike Conley hate the city of Sacramento or what? Feels like he legit shoots 90% against us lol

When did Mike Conley become Michael Jordan?? Wtf!?

Christ, how do you stop guys who can't miss.

At the game right now and it’s so depressing here holy crap do you guys feel it on tv?

Royce O’Neal looks like John Salmons with a full night’s sleep

You know how some big men, like Jokic, don’t really get the benefit of the whistle? It’s not like that for Gobert lol dude’s always getting bailed out by the refs

The Jazz don't have a ton of great defensive talent but they are smart. They know exactly what the Kings are trying to do. They are making every pass back out to Metu/Barnes a test via the passing lanes.

Holy bejeezus does Len know how to Jumpshoot?

Snyder quit playing around and is sinking down in the passing lanes. This is the problem being a team with a side to side passing scheme and a lack of both shooting and/or size to take advantage of it.

2nd Half

Kings played hard in that first half so that means they come out zombie-like to open the third

I say it again: I see nothing wrong w/Fox physically: he's just missing more than he did last year at every level. But he's getting good shots, almost every one - and he can get that in-the-lane 10-footer at will.

Metu guarding Bogdanovic is a tough matchup but he's working about as hard as he can out there.

Lol anyone see jingles mouthing off to the fan court side after hitting that 3?

Jazz coach looks like he need some gabagool

Could the difference in the two offenses be more stark?

4-14 vs. 12-26 from 3.
Credit the Kings for staying in this w/that kind of 3-pt shooting disparity.

Jazz have made 10 more 3's.

Kings down 4 to open the fourth. You blink two times, now down 14.

Why do they have to get my hopes up every freaking time!!!

Somebody puke all over the court or what? haha.

Wait … did a drunk dude just vomit? Lol

Really dying to see what some courtside fool did

I know watching the Jazz go up 14 makes me feel ill but seriously this is ridiculous.

3 kings players defending Mitchell on a fastbreak leaving Ingles open. Didn’t get a rebound despite having 4 jerseys at the rim. That’s an effort and IQ problem.

Can alex len **** off to whatever cave he came from?

Metaphor for our franchise

Bro holy **** how much did this dude barf? Lmao this is taking a long ****ing time hahahahah

Rude as hell for the Jazz to see some dude puke on our court but continue to blow us out like this smh

Imagine puke being the star of the game

Puke Walton

The fan puking is going to spark an epiphany in our season

That fan should be our new mascot

we are all the puke

the kings have had like 20 games that would have been the last straw for any other franchise with any other coach

Maybe this season isn’t about the wins and losses, but the pukes we made along the way.

Fans are on the sideline puking at the sight of this **** show

Wish that fan had puked on Vivek, and then on Walton, and then on Bagley.

20 minute timeout from a fan puking court side just to get blown out anyways, going to be posted on social media probably and memed

how much worse can it get for us?? Is this truly basketball hell?

i can't stop laughing this **** is hilarious

imagine if the kings somehow win this game and it turns around the season. puking guy would be like bizarro steve bartman

There’s puking. Then there’s puking courtside. Lolzzz.

Are we delayed because a fan threw up on the floor?

I’m here, so I can’t really tell what happened, but it seems to be the case, and I can’t think of a more Kings thing to happen mid game.it's difficult for many to watch the Kings sober these days

Two fans got caught up in the vomit and there was a trail of it towards the Jazz bench.
G-Man commentating this is the best part of the season.

There are 8 people in on this cleanup. And it’s a “MASSIVE CLEANUP”

At least we get a free crunchy taco

Longest ewwwww delay in NBA history

You know, this is ridiculous, just condemn the damn building and call it a night, haha.

This is wild. Still delayed. We've got a clean-up crew with multiple mops, Slamson helping out. If this was my beat writing days, the game story writes itself considering how the Kings have played lately (down 96-82 to Utah at the moment)...

Kings fans doing anything they can to break the Jazz momentum. Ha ha


Utah Broadcast is a little dry but at least they are analyzing the game and talking about basketball. Very unbiased

Fox getting cooked

That ball must weigh like 10 Lbs for DeAaron

This game has more Ts than a mid-afternoon British social gathering

Cant beat bad teams, Get absolutely annihilated by good teams. This is pathetic to watch. Legit feels like watching a G league team againsts other NBA teams

Wanna come out flat in the 3rd and lose by 20?

Walton: "You son of a bitch, I'm in."

Max player has the yips. Smh

I wish I could puke on the court.

How is Barnes so durable when his game is essentially being a human battering ram lol

Utah makes a run in the beginning in the 4th and no timeout to disturb the momentum is beyond me

I'm glad the guys really have the chemistry with each other to be laughing and smiling down 14 in the 4th.

2 d mitchell’s and 2 rudy g’s in one game

Not gettin my hopes up for this win… the 4th quarter is where Luke reallllly shines

The greatest of all fans, he sacrificed his sweet courtside seats to do to the Kings court what they’ve been doing to us for decades. Respect to that man who pukes for all of us

Anddd there it is , The patented 4th quarter meltdown we've seen a hundred times

Barnes was just asked about "vomit gate"...and said the guy puked twice. Never seen it before in his 10 years. Harrison's advice for the dude, is maybe for a new choice of game time courtside meal. Hahaha

we rlly just imploded in the 4th lmao what a way to end the game on a strong note!

15 years of this ****

Wow they are straight up not even guarding from Fox on his jumper now

Post Game

Let’s see…the Kings have no bona fide star, no known leader to speak of on the court or in the locker room, a Head Coach with questionable in-game schemes, a roster that doesn’t have enough talent, and a storied history of losing. What’s not for a fan to love?

i got home, checked the score, 84-80. i dressed down and turned on the TV, 96-82. i don’t know why i even try

This was a Saturday night and it looked less than half-full --- we got suckered on the Pacers game........brother said he might go if seats get down to $8-$10 - might

Listen, I’m tired of defending this team. This team just enjoys L’s night after night. All these other teams made the changes to become better and yet here are the Kings who are stuck in a time warp. Get rid of Luke Walton. This team future is more important than anything.

The 400 people in attendance Bood you off the court for the 2nd straight night

Fox shot 29% tonight from the field with 13 points and 3 assists in a LOSS. Do not show any HIGHLIGHTS. Jesus

Bored so tonight's Grades

Kings Individuals: > comments

Metu: D+ > 3 Rebs from PF? Horrid shooting
Barnes: A- > Very Good Game
Holmes: B > Good Game
Fox: C > Good defense, Horrible Shooting - average overall
Halliburton: A- > 4 steals gets an A-
Harkless: C- > 1 pt in 19 min?
Len: B- > Par game consistent effort. Good boards, bonus 3 ptr
Jones INC
Mitchell: C- > horrid offense negates average defensive night; team needed a better game from him
Hield: C+ > some garbage time shots brought up shooting,%...no steals or blocks? Average game.
Ramsay: INC

Luke Walton: C- > you could say an F here with a blowout final score, but he did utilize many players, though got incompetence returned
Defense: B- -- 4th quarter drags down the grade
Offense: C-

DREB: C >good amount of ball watching
OREB: C- > where's the hustle?
FT: F > lack of concentration
3FG: F > failure in coaching here
STL: A- > active on this
BlK: B
TOs: A > took care of the ball very well.
PF Against: B+ > not many dumb fouls

Grades by Q:
Q1: B+
Q2: C+
Q3: B+
Q4: F

“The best time to fire Luke Walton was in the off-season. The second best time is now” -modern Chinese proverb

am i allowed to wear a paper bag hat to the game or will vivek kick me out?

Imagine sucking as bad as we do for as long as we have and then adding this broadcast crew as the salt in the wound.

Cancelled my cheap as **** kings pass. How sad is it that $49 for 10 games in December feels like a rip off.

at this point they gotta pay us to watch that circus. bunch of clowns led by a clown. owned by a clown.

Amazing the first ten games we competed with the jazz and suns a couple times, the warriors. Now the last 6-7 games we just get blown the hell out.

Im so curious on what the attendance numbers will be like tonight. Have to contend with lowest of all time right?


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Man these guys are beaten down. Is this the worst franchise in the league? Among the 3 worst at least. I feel bad for this fan base. I couldn't imagine the pain being a Kings fan. Legit sad.