Quotes from Magic forums-"Utah is perfectly built...two defensive centers and everyone else is offensive."


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Pre Game

Magic +9.5

Jazz play defense...this game will be ugly for sure.

Utah have got T Ross scouted and covered, and his green light hasn't dimmed at all

Ross is such a chucker. I guess you can't blame him cause that's what they ask him to do it seems like

Because of Gobert Jazz have luxury of playing tight on the perimeter, they don't care if you take it to the paint. What a dream that would be.

our offense consists of bricks and air balls.

1st Half

Aminu looks like he is 50 out there. He has been a horrible signing so far.

T ross is out there killing his trade value. Thanks loser.

I just get this irrational urge to bash Clifford in the face every time Bamba does something good.

We’re beating the best team in the league. Late in the second

Clarkson became a better shooter.

Ross is pure trash. He is not good nor smart. Why we keep letting him play his loser brand of basketball is mindboggling.

Chasson Randle is also one of the worst players I have ever seen. Dude was AFK watching the game on that last defensive possession. What a joke this front office is.

I just always find it funny when I hear Cliff complain about Mo’s conditioning but all coaches say that players need playing time to get into game shape.

There are a bevy of reasons to despise the way this team plays (if you're not pro-tank) but the biggest thorn in my eye is Aminu. I just hate watching his game. Okeke should be starting, but we also shouldn't be playing Bacon, so this season is a lost cause regardless.

I never wanna see Birch touch the floor again. Give me more Bamba and Okeke!

Admittedly, being down 4 at the half is better than expected.​

Magic gave up 17 second chance points.

Why is T-1000 coaching the Jazz?​

Bamba going "splash bro" on it tonight.​

2nd Half

Donovan Mitchell is really good.

Utah is perfectly built...two defensive centers and everyone else is offensive.

Wow. Magic get burned on a Joe Ingles fake no look pass layup. Let that sink in. This is not Stockton, not Magic Johnson, not Jason Kidd. Joe f’n Ingles.

7-8 from 3 by Magic centers.

Tonight we saw why The Utah Jazz are one of the best teams in The Association.

Bamba 11 points on 6 shots.
Ross 10 points on 16 shots.

Jazz are so sneaky-good offensively.​

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

The entire philosophy of our 2nd unit needs to change. Ross just firing any freakin chance he gets has to stop. This is on Clifford.

Post Game

Geez the Jazz play such pleasing-to-watch basketball.​

Completely different than watching Harden-era Houston or Luka & the Mavs.​

Showing highlights like they done something smh

Vucevic needs help. He plays his heart out every game and it's never enough

I'm done screaming for this front office to do something. It is apparent the front office is both hard headed and incompetant.....no hope for Orlando until a new owner and new front office is implemented

This game fully highlighted why Fournier needs to go. We were doing ehh ok for the first half and then it became the Fournier spray and pray show. The guy is ok but he’s not a shoot almost every possession guy.

Vuch did great as always Mo showed out for what he’s done this year but yes still has a lot to learn Ross had a wildly off night Chuma did good with minutes given

Everyone else was lost as hell and the Ingles shooting from Orange County while our defense hung out in Duval county was embarrassing.


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Omg... why didn’t I ever put t-1000 and Quin together?
WTF have you been? I spent like an hour a couple years ago making this in paint:


Ah, the days when I made threads.

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Geez the Jazz play such pleasing-to-watch basketball.

Completely different than watching Harden-era Houston or Luka & the Mavs.

Ahhhhh, so nice when we can make fans of the vanquished.

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