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Quotes from Pelicans' forums-"I am currently throwing up and it's your fault. Win this game'


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Pre Game

can we have one normal game against the jazz please for the love of god???

This will be a test of how ready this team is to take that next leap to a serious contender. Will the coaching staff make the proper adjustments and will the team stick to the plan.

No doubt the shooting was awful..but worse is that the Pels gave up 19 offensive rebounds, 8 to Jarred Vanderbilt.

That can't happen.

I'm really hoping we come out with tons of energy and beat the snot out of them tonight. Other things I hope to see:

-CJ waiting for his shot and not forcing his shot
-Trey putting up confident shots (regardlesss if they fall)
-More pick and pop with Val
-Less offensive rebounds conceded from being out-hustled by Vanderbilt
-Making more than 7% from 3

Jazz is all wrong notes anyways...

Murder Birds - 118
Bitch Whistle Band – 103

Avian Terror - 109
tabernacle tapioca – 105

I know the hatred for the lakers is palpable, but I cannot put into words how much I hate that team in Utah. We offered a fair deal to buy the name back and right a wrong, and we did right by Charlotte. Those magic underwear frickers wouldn’t consider it.

frick that team. There is no jazz in Utah.

Really interested to see the response from the Pels after the Jazz killed em the other night

1st Half

If we could only hit our 3s

They’re at home so I’m expecting them to hit a lot of shots, contested or not. Still good to know we can weather the storm.

Jordan Clarkson is cooking but cj has a answer

Not even 3 minutes into game and Pels already 4 team fouls

1-6 on layups and dunks

Bro get us out if Utah lmao

Clarkson just jumped like 8 feet forward on that 3.

Looks like another disaster in the makings

We couldn’t finish in a whore house

I had Herb first basket, $5 to win $55. I think God hates me

Holy **** we got a 3pt goal, I'm buying all the lotto tickets.

I hate the way he plays so seeing Clarkson cook us is annoying. 6/7 fg… with several dumb shots falling.

Olynyk looks like a vegan yoga instructor who preaches holism to everyone and sells drugs at music festivals

Clarkson’s shot it’s insane my goodness

kelly oylnky just stumbles around the court and it somehow works for him lol

i would hate to have him on my team and have to watch him every night ngl

Clarkson looking to go and1 mixtape for absolutely no reason lmao

Beasley, Clarkson and NAW. 3 guys who have never seen a shot they don’t like all on the same team

Why do the refs give every Utah player superstar calls lol like wtf

Just with the players they got Utah won that Gobert trade, add in the picks and that was a landslide lopsided deal for Utah

What a great start… 83 fouls, dumb turnovers, missed layups.

Apparently Utah is THE best defensive team in the league lol

beasley ever gonna miss or what

So fricking frustrating to watch a middling .500 team shoot like this every time we play.

jazz gotta be luckiest team in the league. horrendous possession where NAW walked then tried to throw it away and clarkson hits another horrendous 3

JFC these fricks cannot miss from 3

Jazz just throwing up contested shots left and right. They see the Pels and decide to play like the 2016 Warriors.

It’s painful watching JV play

How do the Jazz play like this against us?

utah just cant miss a 3 to save their lives

So hillbilly can throw his hands in the air it's a foul our guys have to be fould 5 times for it to be a foul

is clarkson gonna miss or what? hes not this good lol

Zion needs to stop trying to get everyone involved and go to the fricking hole

How ducking terrible was that timberwolves trade?
Not just the draft picks but Vanderbilt and Beasley?

4 layups missed already

Is there any pump fake Jonas won't bite on...

Does Clarkson miss?

Clarkson has 17 of 27 points so far. Rest of starters on both teams playing like crap.

Clarkson is exactly the same type of player as CJ...they both yo-yo the basketball, are ball dominant..Clarkson is just hot tonight.

why have the Pels lost the ability to rebound?

NAW mad at us

Nice quarter overall. Nothing we can do with clarkson at the moment. The defense has been solid enough, he is just hitting everything.

We gotta double Clarkson and get the ball out of his hands. Make the rest of Utah best us

Why can’t we beat this average jazz team? I’m confused

C j McCollum does not look good, have to many turnovers and missing to many shots. Man we really need Brandon back to work with Zion

Clarkson going for a career high. Great

Olynyk needs a road map for as much as he walks

Olynk moves like he started playing basketball a week ago.

I always hated the jazz but Olynk + jazz is another level

Every one of those were fouls, and I woul have been p*ssed if thy hadn't been called on the Jazz

It's not like the Jazz are playing great..We are playing like one of the worst teams in the league.

In the last two games, TM3 has zero points and zero rebounds in 31 minutes

They can’t miss from beyond the arc or we won’t defend the line

Lead at the half, that's a good sign for the Pels!

Clarkson is playing out of his a**

Utah 14/32 from threes, and that seems low...

Olynyk looks like he showers once a week at most

I low key do not like the Jazz at all.
The way Clarkson plays and looks really bothers me.
The rest of the team doesn’t know that they stink and play like they don’t know that they stink

2nd Half

we blow the lead once again ...wtf

Refs made the right call in favor of the Pels for once

We came out the half with a purpose, need to keep this intensity

This trend by the home teams wearing darks annoy the ***** out of me.

This is the Pels team that won 7 in a row. This Utah team is a bunch of frauds.

Santa gonna be mad Clarkson is late to work

jazz finna be pissed about that “goaltend” and absolutely go ballistic in OT. hurts me way too much to say that

is clarkson really not gonna miss a shot

Clarkson 6-8 from 3 lol

Clarkson is a more feminine looking Britney Griner

Olynyk out there taking 10 steps with no travel calls needs to atop

We have 19 points in 4 minutes.

We've scored 83 points in the past 25 minutes.

Yeah call it after you lose a 13 point lead in 2 minutes. Great.

Clarkson would be in the HOF if they played us every game.

Their front line is 7'0'', 7'0'', and 6'11''. and JV has a sideline seat for this? SMH

Kessler has been impressive. Definitely had a good impact for the jazz

We seem to be a step late this series. No way Jazz shoot this good every game .

Would love to have Kessler in the middle.

NAW revenge tour

How much does Beasley make? He’s good

Pelicans 15-0 when taking lead into 4th Quarter .

NAW has CJ in PRISON. how we're only down 1 is a miracle

NAW had all the time in the world to figure out how to be an NBA player while here and now these last 2 games he plays like this.

The jazz are literally our kryptonite this year. So fricking annoying these Mormon fricks keep doing it. Sorry our guys only have 1 wife.=

Our pick and roll defense is hard to watch.

I never want to see this fricking team again for a long time.

God damn. Can you imagine an nba season where you lose two games because Kelly olynak hits clutch shots on you?

Suck a dick you Napoleon dynamite looking frick

These Jazz are a tough out. Jeez. Gotta be on point this last 3 mins or so.

clarkson 7/12 from 3 on mostly contested shots is such a fricking joke

These Mormon fricks have a horseshoe so far up their asses it's so fricking annoying.

And just like that… all our hard work has gone down the fricking toilet.

Don’t lose 3 vs the jazz!


I don’t remember this kind of fire out of NAW when he was a Pel

You know Jazz play out of Time Out is going to get Clarkson a 3. DONT LET IT HAPPEN

These next few minutes the bunny just needs to box Kessler out of the area like he has these last couple

It’s laughable watching the Pels coming out of a timeout

Does Willie even draw up a play ?

Jazz got on the floor after balls..Pels did not..simple as that

When was the last time Pels had a clutch 3 to tie a game? I can think of the opponent doing it way more often than the Pels


Overtime. Tighten up and finish this off. Please leave Trey on the court for OT.

I thought Kessler was a stiff coming out of college...I thought wrong

C'mon Pels. Pull it out.

Jazz own us

Good lord. Offense just folding in OT


That was on the way up, no fricking way that’s goaltending

That’s a block. If that’s goaltending never seen a game end that way before

Blew a decent lead 3 times in the second half. Now starting OT like this...

bruh how is that only kessler's 6th foul??? he has like 10

edit: refs will overturn

i thought gobert was the reason the refs sucked off utah but nah its just the entire franchise

Olynyk took 5 steps

Scar has been a total liability in SLC

He is aging in dog years

Oh look another call goes Utah's way

These fans are getting their money's worth. Can't wait to see kids running down to get the refs' autographs.

Pels need work specifically the bigs.. can’t let jazz shut y’all down like that

If we win this one, it's because of that block

I am currently throwing up and it's your fault. Win this game

Kessler, Olynyk and Lauri are fricking destroying us. It’s happened every single game. Their ability to guard and switch and hit shots just absolutely breaks us the frick down unlike anyone else in the league

I’ve hated Kessler’s smug face since he was at Auburn. Hejust looks like a douche

frick UTAH

frick sake. Feels like we have had the ball for 10 seconds of OT

Kessler pushed out ***** in. frick whichever team traded him to the jazz

We literally are about to lose 2 to one of the worst teams in the NBA. Hopefully BI can fix this team because it ain’t it right now.

Because Kessler, Olynyk and Lauri are a unique front court that particularly gives us hell because they can all switch, play good D and knock down shots, specifically Olynyk and Lauri. Kessler is 7’1 250 and is very underrated.

They are not better than us but we do not match up well with them.

It blows my mind Minnesota traded him and FRPs for Gobert

Excellent.. they very best of CJ on show for us all… dribble dribble dribble… nothing… short clank

Worst matchups in the nba for us are Boston and utah.

Now I go to bed mad with a loss and will be a zombie tomorrow. frick. This.

Kessler seems to give Zion problems with his length.

To short for the Jazz. Pels need some height on the floor. Time to trade some players for some height

Also... Can't get a rebound against the worst rebounding team in the league! Put JV on ffs

No matter , you **** the bed in overtime , all for nothing . Weak team very weak and sad

Post Game

You just lost to the Jazz twice!!! This team isn’t it. Multiple leads multiple breakdowns and all we’re going to get is excuses… classic choke job…


pels shooting 28 FTs to the jazz's 37 is absurd given the different styles of play for these teams with utah jacking up 3s and pels living in the paint

I don’t care how many times that skinny dork for utah altered Zion’s shot. That has to be your go to in OT. Not CJ.

Swept by the Utah Jazz. Ridiculous. Makes me sick. It would be one thing if they were the Celtics, or the Bucks, or even the Grizzlies, but they have sucked for weeks and yet they play us and all of a sudden they can't miss a shot and we either can't make one or can't get a call.

I hate playing the Jazz. Never any joy in the games, going back years. I still remember when we lost a game because Gobert just blatantly fouled BI, the refs refused to call it, and if I remember rightly the Jazz even just walked off the court before it could even be called to review.

Loathesome team.

If JV can’t close the game with Walker Kessler on the floor, when is he supposed to close? I’m seeing less and less of a purpose with every passing game for JV on this team. Even his defensive rebounding is off the last few games.

That run the Jazz went on where Zion and CJ were out of the game and the Jazz got the lead from 13 to 1 in about 2 minutes was Willies Magnus Opus of suck tonight.

Bottom line you had a chance to win in OT and you couldnt grab a single defensive rebound....I dont understand why your starting center and 3rd/4th best offensive player isnt closing games against opposing bigs... im ok with 7-10 point losses, these 1-possession games suck ****ing dick

Utah got a team full of straight dawgs!!

Serious question. If the pels got 1st seed and the Jazz ended in the 8th seed. Would that match up worry you?

This was def rigged. No way that loose ball Kessler foul should've been overturned, even the commentators all agreed. But didn't seem to matter since McCollum just non-stop turned it over and bricked last 8 minutes of play

The loss is on bad basics, bad execution as well as bad coaching

I use to think that once Utah no longer had Gobert, we would match up well.. Apparently not.

exactly! kessler basically won them this game in ot

Pelicans 2nd team is horrible. Actually no perimeter D, no assists, can't rebound. Jazz Bigs destroyed Pelicans. Embarrassing effort. Zion sits and Jazz roll. they don't sit their players yet Zion rides pine for 9 minutes during late 3rd and 4th.

There goes the 1st seed was a good ride CJ sold

Cj played fine imo Clarkson just had the game of his life

Leave CJ in Utah man

Best team to ever come out of New Orleans . The Utah Jazz !!

simply show us why we have a long way to go to be the best team in west....

Damn. Nearly half of our losses have been in OT.

That's a brutal loss to the Jazz but BI would have been so valuable these past two games. Having his in-between game would have opened up the lanes so much more compared to how easily the Jazz could clog them up to bother Z. In 3 L's BI played 1/13 quarters.

How do y’all expect us to win a Championship if we can’t beat the Jazz…

Jazz have our number…and our name.



You'd think coach or a 10+ year vet would take a layup with 24 seconds left considering the Jazz had just missed 3 of the last 4 free throws. I don't know how these guys have jobs

Against Utah they need to start playing jax we need more height wen they 7 footer comes in the game we need someone with height and athleticism and with Z that’s lob city

Terrible just terrible… Bums

Jazz won the right to the name indefinitely after this

Pack up and get the **** outta Utah. That state is a curse for this team

Watching this team in the clutch is AIDS. Zion and CJ are too dumb to do anything of note. CJ passing up a layup to shoot a 3, 10 seconds later was so dumb. Got destroyed on the boards in the 4th and OT yet refuse to sub on JV. Very dumb team going nowhere again

Quotes from around the league

Great game….and Kessler with some big plays after the overrule, what a challenge!

Helps when they’re missing their second best player every game. But the jazz do have some great players like Lauri who has killed the Pels each game.

The Utah Jazz are 5-0 vs the first and second seed Grizzlies and Pelicans

Walker Kessler is a problem

Lmao the Wolves could’ve just played him next to Towns instead of trading their entire future away

Sorry Wolves fans.

Jazz out of nowhere this year as one the best teams to watch.

The Jazz really won with Olynyk guarding Zion down the stretch

Amazing game. Lauri has me cheering for the Jazz

What a ****ing game I started watching in the mid 3rd and there was legit not a single moment without exciting **** going on that's an all time regular season game

Jazz better keep this team intact. Love watching them play

What a ****ing game. This Jazz squad is electric and Jordan Clarkson is special

Look at the top 8 in the West right now, it's mostly the small markets

The Pelicans had a higher FG%, FT%, and 3P% than the Utah Jazz..

Kessler is awesome

Will hardy should be coach of the year, the way he had this jazz team playing is fun to watch

That was an awesome play by Kessler on that rebound.

Walker Kessler is legit

Regardless if the challenge is successful or not, it must give Kessler a lot of confidence knowing his coach is willing to use a challenge to keep a rookie on the court

This Jazz team.. just unreal

How was Lauri so poorly used for so long before the Jazz? It really makes you wonder how much talent is just squandered due to bad situations.


Jazz got themselves a lot of scrappy gym rats I see.

What % Jazz fans are blonde, married at 21, and have 4 kids.

After watching a ton of league pass this year, Jazz definitely have the worst dance cam talent. Which is kinda ironic.

Nothing worse than players making absolutely dumb shots against your team. And it just keeps happening

Clarkson is easily one of the funnest guys to watch when he is on fire

damn Kessler, you know that was ZION right?

Kessler will be so good when he learns to not be so reckless

Most annoying ****ing team to play in the league. Scrambling all around on a possession for them to hit a three. They’ll probably trade guys off later in the season, couldn’t have happened when we have to play them though because of course not

God bless the nba apps notifications for letting me know this game was close

Better to lose now than go into double OT and have clarkson continue to take the dumbest shots possible and they continue to go in. The loss was inevitable regardless

Jazz are disgustingly good.

This Utah crowd looks very... Stereotypical Utah

Release the Kraken

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I know the hatred for the lakers is palpable, but I cannot put into words how much I hate that team in Utah. We offered a fair deal to buy the name back and right a wrong, and we did right by Charlotte. Those magic underwear frickers wouldn’t consider it.

That’s right fear the magic underwear you swamp frickers!

Better to lose now than go into double OT and have clarkson continue to take the dumbest shots possible and they continue to go in. The loss was inevitable regardless

Good! At least you’re smarter than Chandler Parsons on the NBA channel who after the highlights and interview said maybe Utah should consider starting him every game. :rolleyes:

Jazz are disgustingly good.
Now there’s a realist!


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What % Jazz fans are blonde, married at 21, and have 4 kids.
Lessee...my wife is blonde, was 23 when we got married and we have 4 kids.

I was 21 when we got married, I have brown hair, and, as mentioned 4 kids.

So 2/3 for me and 2/3 for my wife.

So according to this very scientific analysis, I am going to say the answer to his question is 66%.


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Thanks JA!

A lot of praise for our big 3. A ton of hate too for KO. And TONS of respect for Kessler.

"Utah got a team full of straight dawgs!!"

"exactly. kessler basically won them this game in OT"

"Jazz won the right to the name indefinitely after this"

"Walker Kessler is a problem"

"Kessler is awesome"

"Walker Kessler is legit"

"damn Kessler, you know that was ZION right?"


"Jazz got themselves a lot of scrappy gym rats I see."

"Amazing game. Lauri has me cheering for the Jazz"

"What a ****ing game. This Jazz squad is electric and Jordan Clarkson is special"

"What a ****ing game I started watching in the mid 3rd and there was legit not a single moment without exciting **** going on that's an all time regular season game"

"Jazz are disgustingly good"