Quotes from Rockets' forums-"Silas and Wall need to go. To HELL if possible"


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Pre Game

The Utah Jazz are favored by 16.5 points over the Houston Rockets.

big loss

not gonna watch rockets until they bench wall
not even the highlights

My psychic hates the Jazz as much as any of us. She will use her powers of the mind to ensure a win. Go Rockets!

I guess I’ll watch

I may not actually watch this game. Probably a good thing.

Interested levels dropped infinity. I had a feeling KPj wasn’t going to play after his name surfaced in the Sterling Brown report

34th different starting lineup in honor of a Hakeem

Got to say I’m feeling pretty good about tonight‘s game
Sorry tankers

I’m interested in Wood vs Gobert

Opposite records wow thats crazy theyre gonna stomp us lol.


1st Half


I missed the tip-off. We down by 20 yet?

Honest question. Does this team practice? I mean, I know they must, but do they practice like other teams? Because they are so bad fundamentally in so many areas it’s almost like they don’t work on things.

suckage occurring early

We’ve taken the jazz out of their comfort zone and we’re still down by nine


That’s crazy talk

Stone has built a team to beat itself

May not expect a win... but hopefully make it competitive. It's the Jazz after all.

Making baskets is overrated any way

******************* watching joe ingles annoys me

Damn ingles

John with the legendary 1/6 in the 1st. And man what a bad ending to a quarter

Ingles throws that forearm every time. Finally got called on it

Why is Joe Ingles playing like Steph tonight?

Imagine 2 or 3 years of this misery. I can't

You can tell the Rockets do zero scouting. They’re never prepared on what the other team is known to do.

That’s cause we hold player only trainings at the lucky dog back door strip club while Silas is on a timeout

Wall must be limited to shoot 10 times only in every game

Lack of preparation, leadership and poor coaching to name a few.

I love Ackerman explaining how we can turn a little lead into a big deficit in the blink of an eye

Niang torching us

This is about to get ugly, isn't it

say, didn't Jeremy Lin train Jordan Clarkson and taught him everything he knows?

Bogdanovic, Niang and Ingles are all the same guy - Prove me wrong

Rockets coming back with fake comeback Number Two

Calvin insists we must put the ball in the basket
he didn't say which basket.. or who "we" are.. he's in on it gents

Bill (on Jazz player draining a three). "how did he get so open". Hinting nicely that our defense is no bueno.

20 point deficit haters go home

The fundamentals for this team are just maddeningly ******.

completely forgot we had this game tonight

Just tuned in, but looking at the score, should I even bother?


this game looks less appealing than John Cornyn’s brisket

we gave up 65 points to the Jazz at halftime last time we played them...we gave up only 61 this time

that’s clear progress u hater

2nd Half

We're starting to get embarrassed by teams that don't even play their top players... This may be the worst team in NBA history... I'm not even joking

Our 20 point down season has to be memorialized in a 30 for 30, or 20 for 30, or 20 for 20

Can we go one game this season without hearing how much burst or how quick walls first step is?

We need multiple number one picks just to show some semblance of an NBA caliber team.

down by 22 points shooting 33% from the field and 6-31 from 3

yeah, I think I’ve reached my limit for tonight

*** this ****, I’m out

This team is absolutely pathetic. Just embarrassing.

Doesnt matter how many FRP we have if Wall hogs the ball.

Wall is str8 up bitch.

Can Gobert stop helping our guys up? I want to hate him

I am much more disturbed not by the posters who long ago disappeared but by ones who try to hang on like Reeko, just to disappear halfway through the games as if he went to another dimension, and then to return. It’s as if he is caught between two realities, one that started the season with Harden and another that ended without Harden. It’s painful to watch.

Harden went to the clubs but he took care of business on the court.

aaand we're down 30

Wait its almost the 4th and we dont even have 60 pts yet?!

Team is playing like doo doo . On off days when this new Rockets team is doing game preps. They better be working on their game, instead of thinking about clubbing. If the young guns are not treating their craft seriously, then F it; get other guys to replace them.

This is a bad team, no question, but they shouldn’t be this bad.

The strippers show more fight than these scrubs.

so many times this season I’ve been sitting down witnessing brick after brick while struggling not to fall asleep and question why I’m still watching the game

I don’t even sip tea while watching the games anymore...I don’t drink alcohol regularly, but if I did, a season like this requires that strong stuff

if we don’t end up with a top 4 pick, and since I’m greedy, the #1 overall pick, and suing the league and Tilman Fertitta for pain and suffering

I would really hate it if Gobert gave Wall Covid. I would HATE it.

How do you feel about Gobert giving him herpes instead?

that feeling when teams we used to bully like Utah now give us an easy case of the beats

Wall had 6 assist at the half and hasn’t had an assist in the 2nd half yet

I love those possessions when John Wall dribbles a little bit and bricks a mid-ranger. So much fun to watch

Silas and Wall are 2 peas in a pod.

They are the bane of my existence.

Embarrassing pieces of *****.

Armoni Brooks having maybe the worst game anyone has had all season.

I'm actually watching Knicks vs Hawks over the Rockets game...and don't feel bad about it.
What a time to be alive!!!

I'm pretty sure I must be some sort of masochist to continue watching this trash.

Why are y'all watching the game? Don't reply to this post with an answer. Walk to your nearest mirror and say the answer out loud. See what you have become.

Are we resting Nwaba, Gordon, House for the playoffs?

30 point beatdown.
Silas and Wall need to go.
To HELL if possible.


3 straight quarters of 20 points or less.

Would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

Silas is an offensive genius amirite?

Lol Bill taking no prisoners "I don't think Rudy ever got you confused with a defensive stopper"

So was this whole game garbage time?

first six minutes were solid

Only 45% from three for Utah?​

Kind of disappointing.

Every night I stay up watching this ****

Just put us out of the misery by forfeiting every game going forward

I stay up every night watching them expecting them to come back it’s getting old now

The tickets for the rest of the season better be dirt cheap

Every night y’all waist my time thinking I’m gonna see something different every time

The Rockets are becoming the new losers. Could lead to a death sentence for the brand, if things don't turn around in 3 years. Rockets are the new Knicks, and the KNICKS are now trending up!

We've fallen so Harden

im never gonna get used to this bro it hurts

Man I miss the days when we made gobert sorry *** unplayable and he got benched

Post Game

I used to not mind some of these games, where we get blown out. But after the Sterling stuff, where him, KPJ and probably other Rockets breaking protocols and *missing games*. I'm questioning why the fans need to be patient and stick around for them if they are not giving all their effort. Can't expect fans to invest in them, if they don't invest in themselves.

the tank’s not even funny anymore at this point

Another good loss. Clippers Saturday and Nuddets Sunday.
Looks like Tilman is giving them a anti pep speach before each game. Before each game he tells them, Shut up and Listen.We need a top 4 pick so i can trade it away for players with 4 year contracts for 8 million a year. 5 first round picks should do it..

Looks like we’re back in the upside down​

Where the Rox shoot 10% from 3 and Jingles is hitting us with Harden step backs.

What a year.

Yeah, the Jazz all seem to be hitting their 90% projections.​

Tate and brooks 0-13 from 3pt is ... something​

H-town blue is correct Astros suck rockets suck and Texans will suck this season too. Depressing to be an Houston sports fan.

Wow!!! This season can’t end soon enough......the coach was a huge mistake. Went from competing to the worst team in the NBA

don't mind the tanking but what the hell are 2 of our players doing at the strip clubs?

Dante Exum doesn’t exist

He doesn’t. Tillman is paying $9,600,000 to drug lords or something

We only have to suffer through 13 more games.

Always good to see a close game where our guys fought hard
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It's like watching that ****y guy that had the money, house, cars and women turn to broke now living in a basement apartment. You can't help but feel a little sorry for them.

Lol stupid swear filter *cawky


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Why are y'all watching the game? Don't reply to this post with an answer. Walk to your nearest mirror and say the answer out loud. See what you have become.
H-town blue is correct Astros suck rockets suck and Texans will suck this season too. Depressing to be an Houston sports fan.
And just that easily, it becomes one of the best years ever for me!