Quotes from Spurs' forums-"Jazz sure do have a monopoly on frumpy players with flabby dad bods. It’s inspiring, really"


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Pre Game

Demar DeRozan is on his revenge tour after being robbed of an all star selection. Spurs by 50

Players I wish were on the Spurs always kill us, so Ingles hits 6 or 7 3s tonight.

Ingles is an official spurs killer. I think Clarkson is too.

With Rudy playing 36 minutes last night and with Utah on the docket again in a couple of days, thought he might get a breather in this one...appears not to be the case.

It's crazy how much I'm dreading this game before it even begins. I can feel the collapse.

we have to shut down Gobert tonight.

Mitchell and Mike Conley are out, so we do have a chance. Plus it's on the road

demar is going to prove why he should of been an all star over mike conley

1st Half

Put Dieng in now. Gobert causing issues.

TO after 40 seconds lol

WTF was that shot by Jakob lmao. I’ll take it, but never again, please, unless that’s his special move.

This jazz team is so deep.

I have nightmares about an early pop timeout

jeez it is hella difficult to do what jak is doing on offense over gobert

How does bogdonovic dribble past 3 Spurs?​

We’re just throwing the ball to jazz players

We are getting very fortunate the Jazz aren’t hitting these shots lol

I want someone to slam the ball on Gobert’s head so bad.

Have we gotten a single stop? Jesus! And I guess Dieng didn’t deserve any minutes? I hate pop

I hate how timid we get around Gobert, this happened last time against Utah too

Gobert is such a good rim protector Devin was shook when he saw him under the basket

If anyone doubts why Gobert is so good, that play just showed it

Clarkson is gonna light is up like the 4th of July

we gotta destroy their bench to win

Holy **** burn the tapes Derozan just got SAUCED by bogdonavic

Seeing Utah score like this is making me remember them absolutely destroying this team the last time they played they’re just a rough matchup stylistically for this team

The lack of rebounding is really starting to piss me off

more midrange heavy offense

Patty mills really air balled a layup.

The only logical explanation I can make up is that Pop is lowkey tanking. No other explanation would explain the amount of minutes Fatty Mills is getting.

They have like 300 offensive rebounds so far.

Rudy Gay needs to be the 15th man in our rotation.

Both teams are shooting like 87% on floaters

How is ingles putting the work on Murray.

I know Ingles is crafty and has some size but how the **** can we not stay in front of him

The whole jazz team has 3 fouls​

Ingles plays like an old rec league player that got a wish from Kazam and wished to be a nba level athlete

He’s wily and solid. He’s a baller.

He is. He just doesn’t look like he should be

Gobert scares so many ppl lmao

Why is catching a ball so ****ing hard

Bogdan is no bum but can we seriously not get burnt by him? lol

Damn Clarkson is just killing Keldon

Playing the elite shooting teams just expose this defense it’s just such a bad matchup stylistically

Poetl is a foul magnet. I bet he has the record this season for starting centers picking up 3 or more fouls in the first half.

Shooting 50% and down 9 is worrisome

How can the whole jazz team only have 3 fouls up to now?​

Geez. If we get blown out with all our vets. What the hell are we gonna look like when we full young?

If Jazz could shoot straight, we’d be looking at a 20 pt hole right now. Their ball movement has been fun to watch.

Get drew off the damn court. Embarrassing. pop sucks balls

Murray really needs to stop leaving his feet to pass

Now that I am actually studying these guys, as a team they really suck. They cannot rebound, they are slow to get any loose ball, there is no offensive rebounding, no energy, scared to penetrate, no team synergy. They just suck.

Because as much he sucks he’s the only one who can shoot 3s. It’s embarrassing how obvious the blueprint for success in the nba is and pop chooses to get guys who’s specialty is the midrange game

Getting absolutely wrecked without Mitc or Conley

Too bad the pelicans keep losing, 10th seed is pretty much ours at this point

I can’t watch this garbage any longer tonight. Night fellas

watching the jazz pass 3-4 times every possession and the spurs maybe once

We’ve lost to every lottery team at least once this season I’m sure, except probably Orlando and Detroit lol

Having no three pointers made all half in today’s NBA

We can’t get a rebound

PLEASE pressure Joe Engles!! Why is he dribbling with no pressure?

we should just stop Pop and let Becky take over

Everyone back and losing by 17. Nobody yesterday and almost beat one of the best teams in East. This team, man.

I love Patty Mills, he is my favourite player but he has forgotten how to make baskets the last couple of months.

This team is much better without Derozan’s iso BS. He should not be back next season along with Gay and Mills.

I cannot believe that, a 1ce proud and prosperous franchise has become the 2005-current, Sacramento Kings. This is utterly unbelievable!

Idk how a team that plays as physical of defense as the jazz can have so few fouls

Gobert is so long, a height-challenged PF like him needs someone to space the floor for him.

Difference this game:
Spurs 0 of 7 from three 0 pts
Jazz 6 of 17 from three 18 pts

Jazz with 17pt lead.

This game feels like one of those playoff games that time Spurs swept Jazz in 2012 or so. But the other way around. We were so clearly the better team then, now they are.

This is a really hard match up for us. Gobert is swatting everything away at the rim and that’s where most of our players want to score

Well, Gobert is contesting a lot. As for actual swatting, he’s only blocked one shot. He is, however, scaring our players into some stupid turnovers.

Yea. Swatting was maybe the wrong word. He’s so intimidating to our guys they aren’t even getting looks up just turning the ball over passing out

They are carving into us inside. We're tentative because of their Rudy, but it shouldn't stop us from moving the ball faster to move them out of position, some back door cuts and hard finishes at the rim.

We have three tall bigs, but we look small because of the lack of verve at the rim. We're getting outrebounded 26-17, including a whopping 7-2 on O boards.

bojan, what did we do to you

who tf can defend gobert inside?! only elite defensive big men, maybe jak a bit

did the jazz commentators say we were 1/6 at the rim in the first half? We only attempted 6 shots at the rim in one half?

If that’s true.. that’s the Gobert affect for ya

So Rudy Gobert is good at basketball...

Patty, Rudy, and DeMar are unplayable together.

The Jazz are talented and well coached.

Bruh. Instead of playing hot god damn potato on a 3 on 2 fast break, why would you not just run the floor and pass for the lob. Jesus LOL I AINT even mad, just disappointed

Jingles is what we hoped SloMo would be

2nd Half

This game is a perfect summary of what would happen if a team from today’s NBA faced a team from the 2000’s. Two completely different brands of basketball. Pathetic, really. Poop has coached the dead last team in 3PA for like 5 or 6 years now.

watching the jazz play beautiful, fundamentally sound, skilled offensive basketball ... and then see jakob put up his one handed set shot from 12

We look so dead in the water lol

Lol did poeltl just got his.4th foul?

Okay, the lead is 25 now. If the plan was to lull them to sleep, I think they’re sufficiently lulled.

Gobert should be in the MVP conversation. His impact on the court goes beyond the box score.

What’s the point of resting guys if this is what is looks like?

I feel bad for him, but Demar really is the problem. Running a system through him is not good enough, and disrupts our rhythm. He’s a good scorer and playmaker, but needs to be hidden on defense and hurts our entire offense because he can’t shoot from range. I love him, but I really hope we mutually agree to move on next season.

Since the all star break this team is 30th in 3pt attempts, 28th in 3pt makes, and 24th in 3pt % you cannot be a successful offense playing that archaic brand of ball or sucks to admit but this group isn’t a good fit not nearly enough spacing and guys that can knock down the 3

We’re too athletic of a team to continually mess up fast breaks

The best thing about this game is that it's good to see the Polygamist looking strong. All the better to beat the Clips.

Thank you Utah for showing the Spurs what winning basketball looks like.

If the Jazz had Mitc and Conley we're down 40 rn

Flipped the game on; see Derozan back in the line up and yup they’re down by 20

Ive been watching Derozan, his defense really is almost nonexistent, same as Patty

Spurs going all out to lose by 20 instead of 25 with their vets/starters lineup.

Like giving adrenaline shots to a deadman

First free throw for Demar​

May the 4th be with you

Since it looks like season is almost over. Why not sit Pop for a few games. Let him rest. Let Becky take over

Our margin for error is razor thin when we don’t shoot or make 3s

The Jazzweight title looks alright...

Post Game

Jazz sure do have a monopoly on frumpy players with flabby dad bods. It’s inspiring, really.

I think it’s an assortment of good players who don’t fit well with each other. The only duo that works is Murray/White but we’d be lucky to get an entire season of that with White’s injury issues. Really makes you appreciate how well the 2014 roster complimented each other so well.

Lonnie - 23 minutes, 2 points, 1 rebound, 0 assists. What are you doing bro? He's so talented (and a good guy) but man he's frustrating.

I can already see the Poeltl grade. He was a bit lacks on the boards and the numbers don’t really show what impact his defense had. I know Gobert shot 80% and had 24 and 15 but I thought Poeltl played him tough and really made him work. Offensively he had his head up, set solid screens, and even scored a basket. B+

Pretty awful game by Jakob tonight. Got himself in foul trouble, several defensive mistakes, a few bad turnovers, and his lack of an outside shot has made it very easy for Gobert to shut off the paint.

Just pathetic. I honestly don't see a single win the rest of the season, literally. Even the kings game looks rough now. That's what SA has become now, a team that poses no threat whatsoever.

No Conley or Mitchell, no problem. Spurs now 0-4 in their toughest stretch of the season.

Squint hard enough, and it looks like Utah runs their pick-and-roll offense with the smoothness and efficiency of the late 00’s Spurs.

Spurs chose the wrong team to sit out against. There might not be a team they match up worse against than the jazz

The worst thing is that at no time did it seem that we had a chance to win.

They’re in Utah. Nothing to do for the next 30 hours but sleep.

24 and 15 for Gobert tonight, along with 3 blocks and 2 steals to go with 10/14 shooting. Shaq seething

I hate these matchups where the other team is good and you're not.

Going to Whataburger to drown my sorrows in a double meat. Anyone want anything?

I like Gobert so much. Too many casual nba fans have no idea how much he contributes to his team, would be a blessing to have him at the Spurs

How the **** Ingles beat DJ many times

He’s been playing angry ever since the office got taken off Netflix.

Things to add in the off season:
splash of rebounding

Jakob getting so many fouls too early was killer

Gobert is single handedly scaring my whole squad wtf

That ball movement by the Jazz...

Dejounte needs to stop letting Ingles play him. Force him a direction then hold it. There’s no reason he should’ve been caught off guard when ingles denied the screen and drove.

Gobert is the Best Team Player I've ever seen tbh

man don't you just hate it when the other team has good players

the fact that their two best player were picked with the 13th and the 27th picks shoild make A LOT of ppl here question their dumb theories

Just end the suffering

Ingles is becoming one of those players where I can’t wait till he retires.

Patty and Lonnie with 4 points. How the hell does that happen man


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This game feels like one of those playoff games that time Spurs swept Jazz in 2012 or so. But the other way around. We were so clearly the better team then, now they are.
I had the same thought. I remember feeling so hopeless against those Spurs teams, and the roles have entirely reversed.
Yea. Swatting was maybe the wrong word. He’s so intimidating to our guys they aren’t even getting looks up just turning the ball over passing out
Love seeing other people recognize and see in real time what Rudy does.

//r00t 4 Jazz

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I think some Spurs fans have always appreciated Gobert more than most fan bases, I believe it started because of Tony Parker and hoping he'd be able to get Gobert to go to Spurs.

Similar to but not to the same extent as appreciating Ingles because they have Patty Mills.

Engorged On Unborn Gore

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I think at the end of the season someone needs to compile all of the best Ingles insults from the opposing fans in these JazzAves threads. Maybe there can be a vote for the top 10 insults. Seriously, the Jingles jabs are half the reason I read all the way through every one of these.
I’m working on it. But it is a lot of post game quotes.

Maybe I’ll post what I have, and let other people add some other zingers that they remember from past threads.