Quotes from the Celtics-"Well Donovan Mitchell answered his critics I guess"

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    Time to win for Gordon and get his train rolling full steam ahead.

    I hope we give Crowder a hard foul for acting like a jackass last game.

    As long as it Celtics don't make Ingles look like a top 5 player in the NBA they might win.

    I hope we take it to the Jazz tonight. We owe them an *** whoopin after last week.

    The Jazz are so overrated. Doesn’t surprise me at all that they are sub .500. People actually had these bums as the third seed in the West because of a role player who’s a total zero on offense. They are the definition of a treadmill team. Hope we give them a good spanking tonight

    Unfair to Gobert IMO, yeah he sucks on offense for sure but he's also so good on defense it doesn't matter. Also Mitchell, despite his struggles, has insane talent.

    But if the Celtics let Ingles score 30 freaking points again...

    We are a much better team than the Jazz, but head to head, they give us problems. not sure why yet.

    I'll tell you one thing, unforced turnovers are killing us.

    Mitchel draining like 30 ft threes and we can't make open corner threes.

    Ingles doesn't look like an NBA player. Ingles looks like the type of guy who sells grilled cheeses out of a backpack.

    Ingles would have been a rock star on the Grateful Dead tour scene back in the day... "dude! there's a giant selling grilled cheese! holy ****!!"

    Mitchell just absolutely ******** on Brown... but it’s just so not surprising

    Unfair to Gobert IMO, yeah he sucks on offense for sure but he's also so good on defense it doesn't matter. Also Mitchell, despite his struggles, has insane talent.

    starting to hate jae

    Well this is the brick laying pathetic shooting offense that we are used to.

    But if the Celtics let Ingles score 30 freaking points again...

    Luckily Utah is facing us after playing yesterday, so they should be flat

    Losing to Utah on career night for - what was his name?, and watching Crowder skipping, as in enjoying Cs misfortune, after maker a 3; left a bad taste I can’t brush away except with a whopping of the Jazz. LETS GO CELTICS!!

    I don't just want to beat the Jazz, I want to demoralize them.

    I hope the crowd saw how their fans treated our players and responds in kind.

    This was a few nights ago and we need a revenge game against the Jazz for the way Hayward was treated, so let's carry the momentum from last night into tonight and get a streak going!

    The Jazz have been trash lately, we're at home, no excuse for losing in this one.

    Donovan is a problem.

    It's actually a pleasure to watch how these Jazz players execute an offense. We used to be a whole is greater than sum of parts team too.

    ingles is good, would love him off our bench but he looks like he stared in rocky. yo Adrienne!!

    Ingles could play on my team anytime. Like smart, would hate to play against. Annoying.

    Hayward is so frustrating. Guy refuses to take the ball to the hoop

    Difference between Boston and utah is utah doesn't take stupid shots

    Either this is the ugliest quarter of the season or we play a lot of ugly basketball

    Exum can make a wide open three but Rozier, Brown, Smart, Morris can’t.

    Jazz are better. We are mid pack in the east until we get our head out of our *** and play basketball with any level of consistency and energy.

    Gordon seems spooked by the Jazz.

    Mitchell has become quite the gunner, launching shots with no conscience

    The Ingles-Gobert PnR is half their offence, lol

    Didn't Ingles score like a billion points vs us last game?

    I'd like to see...…everyone posterizing Gobert tonight!

    I'd like to see... No new career night by a Jazz player.

    Don’t think OT last night will be an issue, Jazz playing road B2B so pretty much evens out ?

    Is Goober intimidating or did we just forget how to go to the hole (I'm relegated to Gamecast...grrr)?

    Another horrible start. Really can't blow this game, as it'd essentially erase everything about last night.

    Gordon has to start taking some shoots sooner rather than later, the defense is just waiting for those kickoout passes

    Jazz shooting 57 percent...getting pretty much any shot they want

    Mitchell is absolutely crushing Brown now

    Jaylen in, Gobert out. GO...TO...THE...HOLE!!!

    Down by 9 against an inferior opponent. What else is new This team just refuses to play consistently

    holy **** 4 and a half minutes until the 4th and we have 57 points

    Mike just asked brad what they have to do to not get "jingled" again lmao

    Holy **** Goobert is so annoying

    Run the offense thru Hayward. So useless in the corner there

    Wow this might be the worst Celtics game ever

    Well Donovan Mitchell answered his critics I guess

    Joe Ingles looks like Chris Benoit ugly *** ************

    what the **** mitchell gonna come out of his slump against us really

    We have no answer for Gobert

    So how the **** it’s been a solid 5-6 years of rebuilding and we still haven’t signed, traded for or drafted a 7 footer that can deal with the ONE good true center mostly every team in the league has?

    The black unis really make Hayward look like a ghost. Get that man some sun


    Mitchell is just pooping on brown... sucks to see

    Refball is fun for the whole family. It's why they play the game right?

    Ingles look like a washed up YMCA Saturday morning rec league bench warmer.

    Brown, a 28% 3P shooter for the season, decides it would be a good idea to heave up 5 in 11 minutes. SMH.

    3-9 from the line. 1-11 from three. This won't continue.

    where is quin snyder from? like before utah

    3 for 13 on free throws for the game...never seen that in pros, maybe not college either

    Afraid of Gobert when he's in. Afraid of his shadow when he's not.

    So, I know that this game has built-in excuses—second night of a b2b, hard-fought game last night—but I don't understand why the Cs can't put away Utah, especially when the Jazz have been slumping.

    Ingles acts like a tough guy, but I really just don't think he's all that tough lol

    Utah FT% 36.4. That’s awf ….wait, ours is 33.3????

    How are we losing to a team that lost to Dallas by 50?

    Absolutely horrid...Just way out of sync, totally being outplayed by a lesser team

    Bricks, bricks, bricks.

    4-23 from three

    Gobert gets so many calls. Goodness

    I for one am happy that we got our turnovers out of the way now. Now we can start playing basketball and maybe like, winning. lol :')

    Lol Rubio is such a flopping ****.

    The self-restraint to not punch Rubio in the face is amazing

    This one's getting difficult for me to watch. I rarely give up on a game, but this is really frustrating. Losing possession after possession. Utah outplaying Boston badly.

    Any plans to run anything to the hoop, Brad, or are you content with just sitting on your hands and watching them continue to chuck up crap from the perimeter?

    One team hitting open shots and some contested ones too. The other one can’t hit no matter how much time they have.

    You’re not going to beat a team with a center like Gobert if you don’t hit your open threes. They’ll just park their bigs in the paint. Nothing you can do on offense if you can’t hit your open shots.

    This team looks like they enjoy the NBA lifestyle but don't give a crap about actually playing.

    And the Jazz played in a tight game in Philly last night and traveled to get here. Shouldn't be an excuse tonight. We're getting embarrassed on our home court, and nobody from the coaching staff to the players has the balls or will to do anything about it.

    Jazz fans now in full-effect "WE SWEPT THE CELTICS WE DON'T NEED HAYWARD!!!" or "Celtics can't beat the Jazz they're overrated."

    4-29 from three! Keep shooting em JB!

    Quin Snyder looks like he just stepped out of the Abraham Lincoln Era.

    Quinn Snyder looks like a suspect from SVU

    I’ve always thought he snuck out of the Mafia to coach basketball

    Totally stupid offense just there. Hayward had a good look and what did he do? Kick out!!!! Un effing real. They just look incompetent outside of Irving and Tatum and Morris, who was the "other" scorer has disappeared.

    Dallas, a lottery team, blew out the Jazz by 50 points. Celtics down by 20 at the start of the 4th. It is what it is!

    Gordon. Ah at what point do we say Hayward is not helping?

    Gordon Hayward getting smashed twice by his former team

    Celts have no answer. For Mitchell. He gets everywhere he wants to go and no one makes it hard for him. Sad really. Also, why would Kyrie give up a wide open 3 so Wannamaker can toss up a brick. That’s just a lack of awareness.

    The problem is that the folks you'd most like to replace now are either un-tradable or they're value has plummeted. It’s a complete disaster.

    Celtics have no answers for sharpshooters

    Every player on the celtics have a negative +/-(beside Theis who has a 0) and there is only one player on the jazz with a negative +/-

    Add this loss to the pile of other awful losses where the celtics looks like a bunch of 6 year olds trying to shooting on a 10 foot hoop.

    mind boggling how quin snyder looks exactly like manley p. hall

    the joy is nil in beansville

    Hayward must feel deflated losing twice to the Jazz in one week. Ouch.....

    Jazz played last night, too, and we're at home.

    Just an absolutely embarrassing and inexcusable performance at home against a middling Western Conference team that has been playing awful basketball…nevermind the fact that the Celtics were supposedly out for "revenge." Yeah…what revenge was that? To play even worse?

    Jazz were playing three games in four nights on the road…not winning either of the first two. So I have no idea why the Celtics were "out of gas" and the Jazz weren’t – especially when Utah isn’t even very good to begin with. Headline should be amended to something else.

    An 8-8 team that entered 12th in the West with a 50-point loss on their ledger is better than the Celtics? Huh, interesting. Nice job, Brad.

    We had to rest on our laurels after that "statement" OT win. Meanwhile the Jazz were just taking care of business, after suffering some bad losses. Our team is not mentally tough, and mental toughness is what got us a lot of our wins last year. We can’t afford to ease up or assume we can get away with being a "pretend Golden State". We don’t have the firepower to be any kind of halfway decent imitation of them.

    Brown looks so bad it’s honestly embarrassing. This teams shot selection is terrible, and nobody was playing with a sense of urgency.

    Jaylen Brown doesn't just play like he's slow, he also looks slow always with that lost, completely blank stare on his face! At this point he has no trade value and also can't be played over Morris. He hit the "wall" and he hit it hard. For Celtics, it's A.D. or bust now!

    what an awful game, thanks for nothing

    how about this, rank the players your most worried about 1. Jaylen 2. Al 3 Terry 4 Tatum 5 Hayward

    Gordon Hayward has no heart ...such no passion...I cant believe he just let Utah fans and PLayers bullied him and he cant respond to reclaim himself

    At this rate kyrie is gonna leave in the off season

    it was an ugly loss but I wouldn’t dramatize so much because Utah is also a great team and with an unmatched Mitchel it’s difficult to win if u r not all inspired

    Can we beat anyone in the west?

    Jae Crowder has limited skills but this Man's intensity, heart and passion is way better than anybody....

    Tough loss. Is Utah this good?

    In Chrowder we had a beast and toughness, why did they trade him? Now all we got is a bunch of softies...i swear am so pissed by how terrible Celtics play, plain embarrassing...the only convincing win we had was against the sixers....Brad needs to check himself too.

    Time for Danny to make a move and don't be shy about moving some of the Celtics high priced players if possible.

    Wow! No spark, no one stepping up, no interior D, tentative play by Hayward, bad play by Brown, turnovers, lack of speed, no fast breaks. I can go on and on, but why bother. Big changes needed, and Brad needs to know when to change the game plan. When the 3’s don’t drop, you need to go to the basket. We need Tommy H. Back on the bench coaching. He would get in your face.

    I get tired of watching stupid teams. Why the Celts insist on playing like that can only be due to stupidity. No inside game. Isolation. Brick threes. And I get G. Hayward probably won't be worth anything until next season but ya'll need to take that minute restriction off. Just play the dude. Ya'll spoon feeding that cat is throwing everybody else off. And Gordon needs to be more aggressive. Are you a baller or a chump? And maybe Gordon should be the one running the offense. If the Celtics actually have one. But whatever. Celtics aren't going anywhere. Better luck next season.

    Rumors of the Celtics’ success has been greatly exaggerated.

    hayward is so frustrating. i just want him to grow a pair and attack the rim once in a while.

    The Mitchell block was the absolute visualization of where his recovery is so far this season.
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    That was therapeutic.
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    "Ingles doesn't look like an NBA player. Ingles looks like the type of guy who sells grilled cheeses out of a backpack."

    Well he is the greatest thing since sliced bread!


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    This is perfect, especially when juxtaposed with his post game comments...

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    I keep reading about how the Jazz are the inferior team... Are Boston fans too delusional to see that they haven't done anything worthwhile yet? They get to the ECF, which is about the equivalent of making the playoffs in the West. Since they add Irving and Hayward they are supposed to be so much better (they aren't). Jazz simply beat them twice in 2 very different types of games. Yeah, Jazz had a rough game against Dallas, and lost a close one to Philly @ Philly (who is 8-0 at home). Jazz have had a tough schedule, and struggled with shooting a bit, but they have also been unlucky with a few teams that shot much better than average against them.
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    I like the common thread in almost all of these teams's comments.

    "Gobert is overrated"


    "We have no answer for Gobert"

    "Can't make **** in the paint when Gobert's in the game"

    "*insert player here* is afraid to go into the paint when Gobert's in"
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    Their hope at the beginning of the thread was a thing of joy to read
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    Ya, they are pretty clueless. Its the beginning of the season. Long ways to go. This is the same team that was probably the 3rd best team in the league last year at the end. Aslo they had a very slow start last year too. Not sure why they would down play how good the Jazz are. Just shows a lack of a league wide perspective.
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    pretty sure i spam sent a bunch of messages to a bostard fan that razzed crowder after last game. I'm pretttttty proud of it, and i MADE sure he knew that Haywood was getting the 6th highest salary in the league after averaging 12 ppg
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    I can send the logs if anyone cares
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    Now that's funny.
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    They read as entitled as their TV commentators sounded. It's like they just lost to the Suns.
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    Didn't hayturd say Boston fans are so smart. Sound like a bunch of clowns to me

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    So glad we won this one.

    I had to look up Manley P. Hall but Quin's resemblance IS pretty uncanny.

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    The sheer amount of delusional idiocy displayed by Boston fans for this game is astonishing.
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    Says they only get to play Utah twice... guess he already knows Celtics are not going to finals :)
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    Guy who sells grilled cheeses out of a back pack
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    Gobert is our most impactful player. Mvp.
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    I dont want to look him up.
    Who is he?
  20. Ostertag>Duncan

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    Manly P. Hall
    Manly Palmer Hall was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Over his 70 year career, he gave thousands of lectures, including two at Carnegie Hall, and published over 150 volumes. Wikipedia

    Born: March 18, 1901, Peterborough, Canada
    Died: August 29, 1990, Los Angeles, CA
    Spouse: Marie Bauer (m. 1950), Fay Lee (m. 1930)
    Parents: William S. Hall, Louise Palmer Hall
    Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.

    It is only a step from boredom to disillusionment, which leads naturally to self-pity, which in turn ends in chaos.

    Moderation is the secret of survival.
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