Quotes from the Pistons' forums-"Damn who is D-Mitch pissed at?"

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    Utah will be on the end of a back to back.

    The Pistons are 4-22 in their last 26 games against Utah.

    Good, I need an hour to align my chakras for the impending stress

    They just compared to Golbert and Andre in highlights on the broadcast. Every block highlight Golbert kept the ball in play and got a possession for his team. Every Andre block gets launched out of bounce or back to the defending team. I just wished Andre had some defensive instincts.

    7-0 run to start. Now just don't take your foot off the gas

    2 early fouls on Gobert.

    Udoh from Michigan, then Baylor I believe, is in the game

    Bruce Brown is destroying Mitchell

    That had to be our best 1st quarter of the season

    Okay, all we have to do is hold onto this lead for 45 more minutes of play.

    Kelser says "That'll be the first of many opportunities Andre will have against Gobert."

    The league's worst post player against its best defensive center? Please no.

    oh yes, were good again (knock on wood)

    Utah has some butterfingers man

    Apparently we were playing too good. Better take a timeout

    Not watching who going crazy for us with this blowout?

    Bull is 4/4 from 3, Bruce is playing as well as you can ask him to.

    Bullock has more points than the entire Jazz roster

    I like this Andre. A lot of rebounds, a block, and a monster jam from him in only one quarter. Please play like this all the time man

    These threads are so much more fun when we’re playing well lol

    man Jae Crowder sucks ***

    Leading scorers after 1

    Reggie Bullock: 14

    Joe Ingles: 3

    These throwback Jazz jerseys are nice

    So what happened to the Jazz of last year?

    Rubio cooled down, he was crazy hot from 3 the second half of last year. Mitchell is in a bit of a slump, which he’ll eventually get out of.

    Utah is literally scoring every trip.

    20 points in the paint IN THE QUARTER for the Jazz.

    The Pistons are giving up a conga line to the rim.

    Ricky Rubio is getting whatever he wants. Just blowing by Piston defenders.

    Does Blake ever make that post fader?

    Exum has to be the most fragile player in the league

    So we gonna ignore the fact that Langston just took that guys entire ****ing ankle then bricked the shot

    Exum is made of glass

    What the refs are doing with Gobert is disgusting. He has 3 fouls and 2 were very questionable. The NBA is a joke.

    Their ball movement is so slick. Snyder is an amazing coach.

    These refs call everything on the pistons. And nothing on the Jazz, weak *** fouls

    I miss the old pistons

    The first quarter pistons

    those were the days

    Jazz coach looks like Christian Bale in American Psycho high on cocaine.

    Ingles is a buttplug

    I feel like Ingles talks the most **** on the court lmao

    Pistons got Jingled again

    Damn Favors freethrows almost got a delay of game warning lol

    Donovan Mitchell just blew by Bullock like he wasn’t even there.

    ****ing joke. why did I have to be from Michigan :/

    I have a bad feeling about this game. Mitchell can get going quick and Utah plays good defense.

    Blaha sums it up perfectly after the BG basket: “A big deuce by the Pistons.” Well put, George. Well put.

    Just ****ing tank **** this team

    At one point Bullock had 14pts and the Jazz had 13pts

    Bullock still has 14pts but now the Jazz have 48

    dat sucks

    And here we ****ing go again, Detroit putting there ****ing hands around their necks.

    My god, I feel embarrassed for asking the bartender to put this game on. We’ve got to be better than this.

    The dumbest pass I’ve ever seen when we were down 3 points with 10 seconds left

    I slapped my forehead so hard at that Reggie turnover that my sister came and yelled at me to calm down

    has Rubio stepped out of bounds like 3 times tonight?

    Mitchell got going


    Is there an advanced stat for dumb passes?

    I bet we lead the league……

    Moments like these
    Blake must miss LA. Look what’s surrounding him on the court right now.

    Brown got stripped by Utah whacking his arm. That's like the 7th time Utah has successfully avoided an arm whack foul.

    Crapping on us now

    Maybe Mitchell is better than Kennard.

    Donovan Mitchell
    has been awesome in the 2nd half. 24 points.

    I blame this loss
    on SVG for not drafting D.Mitch

    If the bench was just bad instead of other-worldly bad the Pistons would be winning right now.

    Jazz were +3.5 pt favorites

    Jazz were up 3 w/ 10 sec left.

    Pistons have ball.

    Reggie unforced TO. Jazz get FTs to cover.

    Did Reggie just point-shave?

    Kennard and Mitchell BOTH killing us this game.

    Great pass Reggie you piece of basketball garbage

    Pretty much what I expected. Mitchell is taking over. Jazz in control. Pistons will lose again. Awful.

    The girl we turned down in high school is at the reunion being successful and fly as hell while the girl we chose instead sits at the snack table being not that.

    Mitchell's career will include a lot of revenge on the Pistons skipping on him

    Son of a gun... Korver with the Jazz since when?

    Drummond guarding Gobert on the perimeter lol

    Ingles waving at the bench lol

    Of course Mitchell breaks his slump against us.

    Damn who is D-Mitch pissed at?

    Turn the game on. See Mitchell coming off a screen, Griffin doesn't show, instead stays down low and doubles Gobert. Mitchell bombs the wide open shot. I laugh. Turn it back to the Mavs-76ers game.

    better to foul Rubio than Mitchell

    Pistons cut it to 4. Nobody hedges on Mitchell and he hits the dagger. Thanks, SVG.

    Mitchell absolutely dominated at the end. Totally took over. Thanks a lot SVG. Set us back another decade.

    What in the ever living **** was that pass Reggie

    Reggie ****es us over one last time

    I seriously watch all of these games just for the stupidest middle school basketball type things to happen over and over again it's a jokeeee

    Blake walked by pushing Ingles lol. He was talkin **** to Stanley. Ingles is such a buttplug.

    Lol Mitchell with the punch to the gut

    Turnover after turnover after ****ing turnovers

    Holy **** this is the biggest heartbreak of all season

    Pistons sitting in 9th place in the weak-*** Eastern Conference

    if we lose this game I think i’m gonna have to take a break from the Pistons. I can’t do this team anymore... makes me so sad

    If we lose its like a gut punch man. Cant even get hype when we lead by something like 18 in the 1st half because we go through such huge slumps

    Has it been mentioned that we should have drafted Mitchell?

    Nobody talk **** about Donovan Mitchell again, plz

    I'm surprised it's not just talking bout how we don't have him :(

    Well, we played one good quarter of basketball.

    I feel bad for Blake Griffin. He's not without faults, but he's a warrior who's been trying to drag a team that doesn't seem to want to be dragged.

    I don't want to make the playoffs. What the **** is the point of getting swept and getting a ****** pick. Who gives a **** if this team tanks. We don't have any fans that'll notice or care anyway. We've been **** for 10 years now. So why don't we tank and get picks while we're at it

    Wow, probably the worst of the year.

    Nothing about this team seems well-coached to me:

    · Can't hold a lead

    · Chokes in the clutch

    · No idea how to ride a hot hand

    · Rotations that make no sense

    · Poor effort in stretches

    I expected A LOT more out of Dwayne Casey.

    I swear to god this garbage *** team

    Blake kept them in it, Reggie literally threw it away

    ****ing chokers.

    **** the ****in Pistons, they blew another game

    LITERALLY BENCH REGGIE FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS CONTRACT. Give him the Luol Deng treatment, since he's untradeable.

    This game made me physically sick.


    I hope we make trade deadline noise but I really don’t know who’s taking calls from our under .500 team with bad contracts.

    I don’t see how Reggie can still be on our team after this ...

    Didn't have a good feeling ever since the timeout by Casey when we were leading 31-13. That was a dumbass move. For ****ing once we were on fire to start a game and he calls a timeout

    Reggie is *** the team is ***.Nobody on the team has a killer instinct

    Pistons suck. Y’all need to stop Sugarcoating it...

    detroit is a ****** team .up by 18 end of 1st quarter and they lose .. ... theyre LOSERS

    Cant believe they lost, oh wait yes i can

    31-13 when I first look. 76-78 when i look again. Pathetic.

    Thanks Reggie. I knew Mitchell would torch them at some point. I'm glad Detroit has Kennard to show his game impacting shooting off again tonight.

    Time to start from scratch. Trade Blake and get something before his value drops. Let everyone else go in trades and get some lottery picks.

    Congrats on drafting Luke Kennard over Donovan Mitchell. Brilliant move, proven yet again

    HORRIBLE LOSS...what on earth is Reggie Jackson doing out there? It seriously looks like he doesn’t care...we will be lucky if Blake doesn’t demand a trade...

    I'm seriously just done with this team

    Wow, this ***** depressing. Held them to 13 points and had an 18 point lead to somehow **** it up??? Now we face a SA team that has greatly approved since how horrible they started. It’s hard to not see this team not make the playoffs and I don’t what to change to guarantee it


    When I say “I’m done with this ****”, I’m sure I’ll still be watching next game. Sickness.

    18 point lead..........

    Up 18, Blake drops almost 40, bullock has 14 in the first and 5 since, Reggie Jackson is the most overpaid, useless player in the league. Sucks Blake is playing like an MVP right now and we have no chance at competing.

    How did we lose

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    Nov 4, 2010
    I miss the old pistons

    The first quarter pistons

    those were the days


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    Nice. Makes up for the disappointment that was the Cavs quotes. :)
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    Oct 10, 2018
    Great quotes. One of the best. Although it does get depressing toward the end. I now feel bad for them.
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    Dec 27, 2010
    Give it a minute and get back to me on all the fun you’re about to have, idiot!!
    We were waiting for a chance to give you a lead then squash you, then our run starts, so same jazz as last year, have some damn patience!!
    We’ll call this Exhibit A.
    And this exhibit B. Lol
    You might be on to something.
    Seems happy to me?
    You guys haven’t shut up about it for aver a year. It’s getting tiresome, but tasty!!
    I must’ve blinked during that, cause I missed it.
    Very definition of insanity, good luck with that.
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    May 26, 2010
    The worst place in the NBA to be is in the middle. Trading for Griffin basically cements them as a fringe playoff team for another 4 years. The Pistons are a mess

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  7. Thee jazz fan

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Ain’t that the truth.
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    @utahjazzz @Jazz better get over to those Pistons forums and set the record straight!
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    May 26, 2010
    What the refs are doing with Gobert is disgusting. He has 3 fouls and 2 were very questionable. The NBA is a joke.

    Persecution complex justified. Not that it was ever in doubt, but good to see other teams recognizing it.
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    May 27, 2010
    I’d trade for Blake. Not much we can give them besides picks, cap relief, and Exum.
  11. Alfalfa

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    Oct 10, 2018
    He looks really motivated. I'd love to have him.
  12. dipship31

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    May 26, 2010
    Eventually we have to take a swing with our roster and cap room. Someone like Blake would be that swing I would think, but I'm not sure this season is the time to do it.
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    May 18, 2011
    Yeah, but I don't think we have the pieces to trade for Griffin, sadly.

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    Jul 14, 2017
    I thought the same thing at the time. You are killing the opponent, why call a timeout?
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    May 26, 2010
    His team was tired?

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    Nov 12, 2014
    likewise. a playmaking / shooting 4 We'd elevate into the upper echelon immediately
  17. RRJazz

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    Jul 14, 2017
    They were tired of punching us in the nose? We were the ones on a back-to-back on the road losing by 18.
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  18. Kyoto

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    May 26, 2010

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  19. RRJazz

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    Jul 14, 2017
    It sure worked out well. Dwayne Casey would be a terrible boxing coach. He would be the first ever to stop the fight when his boxer is KO'ing the opponent so both can take a breather.
  20. Kyoto

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    May 26, 2010
    I was listening to the Pistons feed, even they were saying how gassed the Pistons looked

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