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Quotes from Warriors' forums-This must be what it feels like to be a kings fan"


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Pre Game

please always start like this

Wait, Otto/Looney available tonight? WOOHOO!!! I just hope they don't get freight-trained by Azubuike.

Damn, the Warriors are still underdogs even though the Jazz are without Gobert/Gay/Ingles, and despite the fact we've already beaten them twice short-handed. The disrespect!

Nationally televised game, so I guess we can expect terrible officiating and a <5 point game with 2 minutes to go.

Oh yeah. Read about the all female crew a few days ago. Had forgotten

1st Half

Warriors vs. Jazz spread: Jazz -1.5

at least no gobert

Ideal start

Holy **** we’re going to shut them out

Quin Snyder scares me

He looks anl guy Scorsese wouldn't cast in Goodfellas because he was too scary

Gotta love it when we start like this!

We may never miss a shot and the jazz may never make a shot.

lol they finally got a bucket

I turned it on and we were up 15-2. What just happened??

RIP to the 1970’s couch that was skinned to make Gobert’s outfit.

They need to take Whiteside out of the game. Dude is too much of a presence right now

Offense so hard even without Gobert

Can’t start off any better than this! Man I’m ****ing hyped!

Utah's perimeter defense is garbage and they don't even have Gobert to clean up messes. Poole can honestly have 40+ today if he just drives.

That was a really nice find by Conley, absolutely love his game

Utah has been uncharacteristically poor with ball movement today

I know the jazz’s defense is *** without Gobert, but holy ****

Lol @ The quartz crystal gobert is wearing

Gobert’s magic mirror lied to him.

Jazz will start hitting shots, the Warriors will start missing and the lead will decrease, this thread will have a meltdown

This thread? Meltdown?

Utah gonna get exposed tonight. Rudy’s not around to erase all the mistakes

Maybe stop trying to pick on Whiteside at the rim.

I got no problem with Snyder using his challenge to save a foul on EP and get a bucket. Probably should have been a no call but using his challenge here probably won't decide the game.

curry dribbles and 4 people stand and watch. great offense as always

we cant defend a rock and we made whiteside look like prime motumbo

Sign a ****ing big or I’m gunna kms!!

Getting killed by whiteside of all ppl lol

The Jazz have to be pumping artificial noise, no way a crowd can be this consistently loud every second of a regular season game lol

Whiteside dominated this 1h.

Hilarious, Kelenna says he's the runt of the Azabuikes.

Why does Steph keep trying to pass to Looney? He can do nothing against their size

I could say officially - last year was end of Curry prime.

Entire team looks tired.

we are crowding the paint and letting them shoot wide open threes lol is n't Jazz one of the best three point shooting teams?

Go beat the jazz for what they did to ingles

after a 13-0 start this team choke so often with this stupid rotations nonsense of defense playing against the jazz without gobert but without an own real center laughable to watch this **** Whiteside got 6 blocks bruh time for the bed better beat the knicks tomorrow

y'all realize we scored the first 11 pts of this game and we've basically been outscored by 20 pts since? got Hassan Whiteside looking like Dikembe Mutombo out here lol

that was a nice finish by Steph to end the half, like that he didn't settle for the usual contested deep 3.

Jazz are a good team, this will be a close one. We can do this

2nd Half

At least we're the best 3rd quarter team in the NBA and we're only down 6

They're hitting contested 3's but those Steph TO's were killers

Started the game with 13-0 score and now down by more than 20 smh.

I swear that receding hairline *** bitch Bogdanovic always shoots 100% against us

Dadbod receding hairline *** bitch Bogdanovic strikes again

Can’t handle Whiteside but yeah we go’n be Gucci going through Ayton, Gobert and AD in the west looool

Jazz crowd is always loud af

Snyder taking a TO as soon as Steph hits a 3 lol

Wiggins is so *** when he’s ***. Like no effort

Worst game we've played for a long long time.

Why are the Jazz hitting every damn contested shot

these jazz centers are going wild

Worst part is I don't even think Jazz played well we just went into this game lazy and sloppy.

Steph with 2 airballs from 3 and an airball on a lay up so far..

I guess the notion that we are undersized but a good rebounding and paint defense team took the night off.

They’re not going to continue splashing heavily contested shots right ?

34 points last two quarters and Gobert ain’t even playing.

The rotations tonight are straight ***.

Why does Gobert look like a Tibetan monk who left the monastery to be a DJ?

Warriors body language….. they’re circling the drain right now.

Starting to hate the jazz as much as the sun's cause they're getting bailed out by refs. Where the **** was offensive foul for that push off

Omg how did we come out the gate with a 13-0 run and then lose by double digits...

of course we get goat heat version whiteside

literally handing the ball to the Jazz every other possession

defensively we are crowding the paint but not getting any rebounds and leave everyone wide open. offensively letting Looney be the offensive anchor. is this the game plan Kerr?

My therapist said I should only watch 4th quarters. But God f*cking dammit son of a bitch motherf...I gotta go

Jazz went from complete trash to hitting everything and getting out in transition.

They’ve been awful lately, but they look super energized tonight. Utah’s crowd seems hype tonight too.

It always surprises me for no reason when foreign players have accents like Gobert and Patty Mills. Like it should be obvious but I never expect it lol

Dear god we look like **** right now

We have 9 3s before halftime on 50% shooting and are losing by 10 lol that shouldn’t be possible

And yet!

The difference between Jazz players and Warriors players is that they don't hesitate to shoot wide open 3s

i ****ing hâte this game

Getting punked by Whiteside in 2022 is something

Out of all people Whiteside figured out that we are the drizzling ***** in the paint.

Making Whiteside look like a Gobert lmao

For the love of god stop running the stupid split action Utah has defended it EVERY SINGLE TIME

these utah fans are annoying af jesus. are all fans like this?

Jazz home games always like this. **** this arena

How tf Warriors have 60 points through 3 quarters


Stop playing zone!!!! Wanna know why we’re not getting rebounds? Because we’re scrambling to chase the open shooter, and wide open underneath the hoop. It’s killing us

Tickled the jazz. Refs: blows whistle

Azubuike looks like one of those big dudes that comes out from the back room when he hears a customer up front being loud with the cashier

Wow Jazz are scoring a hell lotta 3s

It's over. Can't even grab a gdamn rebound

we’re in hell

We've shot the 3 better than the Jazz and are getting blown off the court lmao

I honestly didn't think Utah would be this difficult to beat

Getting punked really

Anyone know what our lowest shooting percentage game is? We're at 33.8% right now.

Lol, I even recorded this game. Waste of space.

That was a massive push off. Mitchell is such an untalented bitch

Compare Jazz offense to Warriors offense. Every shot of theirs is widen open. Unbelievable

We've scored just 15 points in almost a FULL ****ING HALF!!!!

Outside of the first like 5 minutes we’ve done absolutely nothing right all game

What kinda lucky *** shot was that from bogdanovic

The worst part of all this is Utah might think they are good

The Utah Jazz truly are a “pick your poison” offense.

giving up rebound after rebound...same old ****

We really started 11-0 and are down 20 points in the beginning of the third. Unbelievable, dudes mailed it in after the first.

Mitchell straight up high fived Looney in the face

Jazz average 100 illegal screens per game I swear

Utah Jazz have no business being this good

Team just looks disinterested and low energy, Jazz have so much more intensity

All I know is Paschall still has that ugly Rec ball shooting form lol

Lol Quinn Snyder felt so bad he called a damn timeout for Kerr…

We really letting Hassan Whiteside eat

They just drive and kick and our defense is non existent. We needed to be humbled I guess but at the same time wtf, this was winnable

Wiggins missing free throws, must be a day that ends in "y."

they're just going thru the motions and getting clowned

Daaamn okay Jazz. Kinda wish Chase was this loud but then again could be audio quality dependent

13 shots from the teams best player on a night where his team was mightly struggling on offense. Something is seriously wrong with this dude.

Bogdanović pisses me off

The Warriors can't be serious with this ****ing display Tonight bits ridiculous

Why is whiteside looking like prime shaq

25 points in 2 quarters…. Wow

3 quarters of sub 20 points. Bad doesn’t even come close to how **** the offense was.

Why are they playing Hava Nagilla?


Post Game

Damn, we really got blown out by a Gobert less jazz luls

Their bench has kicked our bench's butts.
Whiteside has the best plus minus in the game. Plus 35
Plus minus suggests that Kuminga still needs to learn something.
Kuminga -29 our worst plus minus guy. Kuminga should get more than 2 rebounds in 23 minutes.
Remind Kuminga that he is a big man who can jump.
Porter plus 8 our best plus minus guy
Looney minus 2 our second best plus minus guy.

If we don’t get a real 7 foot center we are not going to win a 7 game series against the better teams with real centers … Looney is not it and does nothing against a real center ..teams don’t even play him because they know he can’t score (shoot) which makes it hard on our shooters

I do miss Paschall he was fun

getting shut the **** down by the Jazz and Steph isn't doing jack ****

**** this crowd it’s rattling me and i’m sitting on the couch

Jazz have more offensive talent than the Warriors. Everyone can make tough shots.

All the Jazz players can create and hit tough shots while Warriors can't create and are hesitant to look at the basket.

That's the story of the game

Jazz do their homework on the Warriors while Warriors just wing it lol.

Jazz are more offensively talented for now

we are getting ****ed hahahaha

Steph clearly washed. Can we trade him for a bag of cookies

Wow just wow

You'd think they were paying Whiteside at least $10m a year but he's on a damn minimum

Why does Bogdanović look like Frankenstein lol

lol whiteside giving us more problems on defense than gobert

Bro whiteside a pain in the *** tonight

can't believe we're getting eaten alive by ****ing whiteside

Bojanovan Bogdanovitćhell

Whitesides making us look so damn small

I believe lee forgets he has feet sometimes

lmfao im weak bum *** jazz ****ing us over

The Utah Statpadders

somebody hit wiggins in the head.. yoi supposed to be an all star act like one man

Jazz has players create shots for others while driving and the Warriors do this dumb motion predictable offense

Utah’s defense has been really good, we’ve had like 3 easy shots around the basket. They are disciplined and have Whiteside to clean up any mistakes. Our D hasn’t been as bad as the score reflects. We haven’t boxed out that well, but they’ve had several lucky bounces off the rim directly to spots they happened to have a player at the time, well outside the key. Not our night.

Damn this crowd hype as **** for the jazz like it was the playoffs or something.

lotta weird white ppl that dont have much else goin on

Quinn is a ****ing fraud and yet Kerr let him out coach him gtfo

Absolutely abused in the paint and on the glass. Curry weirdly invisible yet again when this game demanded 30+ and at least 20-25 shots with Klay out.

He is just way too unselfish right now. Hesitates even when wide open off the dribble and has the switch cooked. It's tough to watch.

Warriors better find a way to bring Durant back to warriors because without a legit big that can score in the paint this team and Stephanie will never taste champagne ever again.

You gotta love that beatdown. Warriors will gonna need to think about adding legit center. Hassan destroyed the Warriors.

Dang we sucked tonight

Destroyed by Jazz bigmen even without Rudy Gobert. We need a rim protector, Looney is very exhausted and he need to rest avoiding future injuries. Hope we get another center before trade deadline

Warriors without Green, Klay , Igoudala can’t beat nobody

Most embarrassing loss of the season. Tell me, would D Lee be on this team if he wasn't part of the family tree of Curry? Ya'll literally forgot how to play basketball tonight. That was hardly a competition my goodness. Blegh

The way Steph played tonight was awful, not being aggressive and not being a leader out there too When Lee is bad, he is BAD. Idk why he got starter minutes tonight.

Steph is averaging 12fga in the last 3 games. In a game without klay he has to take more than 13 shots. We lead 13-0 before turning it over and giving up rebounds. Embarrasing loss

Everyone gotta stop making excuses. We didn’t hit shots, rebound, or play defense. Stop blaming the loss on Kerr and blame it on the players

How can you score 54 pts last 3 quarter

Did steph forget that he's stephen curry? What the **** is 13 shot attempts? He has to carry the offense when klay isn't there he isn't a spot up shooting role player he is the star.

This is how Steph plays When Dreyman is not there to run the offense and feed steph the ball. After the last bad patch of games they had Dreymond came in And talk to them and then they had nine straight wins so I think Draymond needs to have another talk with them

It felt like the second night of a back-to-back rather than the first.

This was one of the most painful games I've watched in a while

Mitchell had 14 pts

Mitchell had 14 pts

Whiteside is worse than: Gobert, KAT, Jokic, Ayton, Embiid, AD, JV, Sabonis, Nurk, Mobley, Allen, Giannis, Bam, Turner, etc.

He ****ing worked us tonight, no doubt about it, and he's been a stellar backup center for the Jazz all year, but we aren't really desperate for a solution to Whiteside. He's far less scary of a big than pretty much any other potential playoff matchup. If we don't have a horrid shooting night, it becomes a lot easier. Also Draymond, Draymond is a really ****ing good small ball 5. Wiseman will be back eventually too, even if he can't match-up defensively, and will probably foul too much and maybe get outrebounded, he can at least bang in the paint and score easy enough (instead of getting blocked by Whiteside 6+ times).

We had an awful game. That's about it. You deal with Whiteside the same way they've dealt with Gobert (who is WAY better), and the same way you deal with pretty much every other good big in the league. They've successfully done it all year (for the most part). Will that stay true come the playoffs? Who knows, gotta hope so. As long as the team is clicking (and healthy), they got a good shot against pretty much anyone.

some of thats altitude, but some of thats Utahs defensive coverage, which could be summed as "**** Steph dont let him get ****", also games like this just happen sometimes, **** the 15-16 team got blown out by the tanking Lakers

Credit to the jazz for playing well on defense and getting going on offense. Warriors hung in there but needed some of those shots to fall. Time to rebound tomorrow against the Knicks

This must be what it feels like to be a kings fan

White side with the casual 7 blocks lmao

Ugly loss. Watching Whiteside absolutely brutalizing us around the basket on defense (17 RB and 7 blocks) was pretty rough, and has me a bit worried about how thin we are at center. Obviously this was a rough game for other reasons as well, but I just feel like a solid defensive center causes major problems for us, and most of the other good teams in the West have at least one of those.

Ugliest game of the season. Extra salty because I wanted that 10 game win streak. This was totally winnable even with Looney playing limited minutes and no Klay.

- Lack of hustle/boxing out on defensive rebounds
- Not pushing the pace as a small ball team
- Constant fly-bys and jumping on pump fakes
- Ugly defense from over-helping leading to open shooters
- Refusal to attack the rim/get opposing bigs in foul trouble
- Jacking up threes in a scoring drought
- Usual terrible turnovers

Yikes. Whiteside was superman tonight.

+35. 17 rebounds, 7 blocks, controlled the entire game and was by far the best player on the floor tonight, but people told me he was washed lol. Any way we can swing a trade for him?

Makes me wonder why Kerr rested Klay et al, today and instead will be playing against the Knicks the next day. Did he see today as unwinnable?

It was infuriating how they were toying with us on rebounds. Forget first rebound, they were taking second and third tries and making shots.

Hassan white side was +35 in 28 minutes. Our team is too small. Dude looked like prime Wilt out there. Had 9/17/2/2/7.

What happened?! It was 52-48……

This game didn't actually happen.

Next time curry gets 13 shots in a game I’m ******** in Steve Kerr’s mailbox

Some dude at the beginning of our thread - "Jazz will be exposed today" ... Smfh.

Worst loss of the year

You know why Jazz owns us and we never blow them out? Because the offense is predictable, overpasses and Warriors are not gonna change their way of playing.

Jazz knows this and can predict every action. No wonder we have so much shot clock violations.

I am down to get Kanter, at least the guy collects a crap ton of rebounds

Those Mormon’s gotta be home to drink milk by 9:30. They ain’t loud. Trust me.