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Quotes Pelicans' forums-"Everyone but Zion walks back to the hotel in the snow"


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Pre Game

Fanduel has the Pels as 1.5 point favorites on the road. The money lines are -120 for New Orleans and +102 for Utah, so the books think this one is close to a toss up.

Mormons aint got no Jazz

Glorious Birds - 123
Dubsteppers – 118

They stole our name so we stole their nature ... Zion Canyon no resides in the Smoothie King Center


This is a good test for us…hype train moving at 100mph, can we sustain?

It's payback time!

Man somehow we always lose to the Jazz and somehow they better than before this year

Jazz arena looks beautiful I will say with that snow outside

Lauri is ****ing awesome. Chicago must be absolutely kicking themselves that they didn't wait another year to get this version

1st Half

Zion is a shaq and lebron hybrid

Zion looks like the kid that hit puberty first and is playing on the low rims with his friends

He's gonna break someone's hand if someone's dumb enough to try to block it when he puts THAT force on it. Wow.... and the explosion on the 1st step...

Maybe start hitting your threes in the second half? Just a suggestion.

Look at Kelly Olynyk working on his chemistry with Zion already

How does ANYONE stop Zion. That is just absurd.

Why is their coach playin center

That Clarkson finish was sick tho fr

Jazz kicks cam an abomination

Walker Kessler is 7th in the league in blocked shots. Zion looked at him and said BBQ CHICKEN

You know the sad part is that Z generates so many open looks and we can't hit ****.

Oh no NAW revenge game ****

Man imagine if we could grasp the 3 pointer as a concept..

Terrible first half. Refs ain’t helping. The officiating is *******!

we need shooting man

You guys are pathetic. Can’t even cover spreads when betting. 15 points in the second quarter? You guys suck.

JV bricking fadeaways over smaller guys starting to piss me off a lot

So glad Zion got 3 touch fouls and was limited to 10 minutes. Super cool

CJ has been so so so remarkably bad this season. The dude needs to wake the **** up.

Hey pelicans wake the fluck up. If you want to be the best you cant lose to Jazz.

They can’t stop Zion

Jonas needs to stop fading against Lauri

Olynyks go-tee should be considered a war crime

NAW looks good out there

Jazz are simply sharper tonight..Running sharper offensive sets; staying connected on defense. And WTF has happened to Trigga..I was ready to put him into the ALL-Star game a few weeks ago. Now he is invisible.

6.7% from 3. Amazing

Not a bad start. Jazz will score a lot but I like our defense a lot better than theirs

what local organization paid for the Jazz uniforms this year?

they seriously look like Saturday morning league YMCA uniforms

some of these utah flops are hilarious. and refs are buying every single one of them

Rudy Gay still in the association?

RIP Walker Kessler
Zion just took your mind, body, & soul

Bro that was ridiculous Kessler is one of the best shot blocker’s in the league as a rookie. That was super impressive even if we know you can’t leave Z 1 on 1

I can’t get over how the jazz have butchered their logo and uniforms.

Jazz have only shot 3 FTs haha

The rim is the size of a golf hole on our 3’s

Is the rim on crooked or something?

We better hope Zion doesn’t get any fouls next half, dude is our only offense

Zion should win MVP based on that quarter alone, look how terrible we looked after he went out

Vanderbilt kills us every time.

We couldn’t buy a bucket if we owned a bucket making company

Pels scored 9 points in the 10 minutes Zion was out of the 2nd quarter. Sounds about right.

Lmao they showing the shoot around cam and literally no one made a 3

This game is so hilariously winnable if we just shot like normal.

What a shocking first half

10 steals and we're losing lol

Vanderbilt is out working our whole squad, that’s unacceptable

2nd Half

Maybe start hitting your threes in the second half? Just a suggestion.

Nah, Utah seems to have our number...they killed us early this season

Pelican is so trash , get so cocky with the suns but can’t even contend with the jazz, pelicans must been playing some sorry teams to be at first seed

this is displeasing

They are carving us up

how many offensive rebounds are they going to get. JV gives us no rim protection

The energy sucks. Utah is playing with more energy and it's pissing me off.

Don’t tweet we’re getting annihilated on the court smh.

we are bad against good shooting team....

Geting smashed bye a team that barley has a winning record


Just when you think we’ve turned a corner , nope we still crap .

Zion is the only one balling out, tell the rest of the trash he’s been carrying every night to pick up their slack because I’m not really sure what the hell they are doing.

You guys have PTSD when you play utah???

Just don’t have the legs tonight. Score another win for that famed Utah nightlife. Them Mormon gals got to us.

Utah gals, you can't just have one!!

I’m out. This is pathetic tonight

I hate playing Utah

1-15 from three
14-22 from the line
37% overall
Not to mention
Vanderbilt has 7 offensive rebounds.

Amazing how quickly we went from looking like the best team in the league to the worst

Feels like Zion 71 Utah 91

We need to stop flying with frontier airlines on road games, it's obviously not helping us.

Worst shooting performance from the three by an NBA team I have ever witnessed. Probably even the worst ever. Disgusted!

before this one started i was worried, we just cant seem to stop the Jazz from shooting

are we even TRYING to get defensive rebounds??

Here’s a tough fact I’ve recently had to learn to deal with: BI is just AD without the huge upside. He’s as soft as AD except he doesn’t have the potential to give you 45 points and 20 boards.

Please sir may we purchase a bucket

I really dislike how floppy Olynyk is

We need another shooter bad man cause when trey can’t shoot 3s we have no one else that can shoot consistent 3s

Down 20 entering the 4th. No one but Zion showed up tn. Not sure how we pull this one out

Damn collective wake up call, this has been the opposite of how we have won the last 7 games, get your head up and we'll get them back on Thursday

How does every single person on our team go cold at the same time (minus Zion). I just don't understand how the entire team is flat. Nobody showing up today

Strait blowout smh

What are we like 50% ft and 1% from three? And of course scrubs like Vanderbilt and Beasley having career nights. Just another night in Salt Lake City.

No ****ing way NAW mid *** isn’t missing and we can’t buy a bucket holy ****.

Imagine losing to the utah **** and their poverty club

I love Vandebilt..he just consistently outworks everyone on the floor

They gotta tighten way way up. The Jazz have some talent for sure, but you can't let them do the "next man up" better than you've been doing it. I need everyone to find their shooting touch and for the refs to swallow the whistles.

All in 90 seconds…Chance to make it 9…. Somehow go into the 4th down by fricking 20.

What a fricking joke.

Literally had the ball down 11 with 70 seconds left.. how the frick can you go into the 4th down 20?

It doesn’t matter who plays for Utah, these bitches gives us trouble

Can’t shoot and Kessler and Vanderbilt owned Nance and Val

Imagine if we had a guy like NAW on our team

Jazz are legit.

Beasley damn. That dude CAN shoot

Jazz own the pelicans apparently

The Jazz always play us as if New Orleans is the one who stole something from them

NAW is dragging his dick all over us

They are just a horrible match up for us.

Jazz are a tough matchup for us

Vanderbilt is still crushing it. And we don't seem to care..

NAW looks better than every pelican minus zion

CJ with another clunker. He’s got to be the biggest disappointment this year relative to salary.

Holy *****. Kessler and the coach look just alike.

Also, thank God we sat Zion all those minutes just so he could not pick up a single foul in the 3rd!

Jazz hitting some tough shots and the pels bricking free throws left and right. Come on y'all

TM3 has ZERO points and ZERO rebounds in 24 minutes of play..and Markkanen has destroyed him.

I believe this to be an aberration ... I'm pretty sure these are the worst shooting number of the season...

how about that 30 - 10 - 60 line?... now that's some shooting! they couldn't do that again blindfolded...

Everyone but Zion walks back to the hotel in the snow

So you're trying to tell me Clarkson was ready to throw down with Kuminga last week and had to be restrained by his teammates but then flies 10 feet across the court after CJ bumps him as if Ray Lewis caught him on a crossing route? Yeah alright lmao

Post Game

Vanderbilt and his jazz teammates taught us a lesson that nobody us gonna lay down for you because you’re the top seed. Learn and come back strong Thursday

The streak is over. Time to start a new one.

20 bombed by the Jazz is really sad. Thought the Pelicans were legit but don’t see them going far in the playoffs if this is how they perform against a team like the Jazz

The media darling pelicans fall to Utah lol the media pumps you up just to let them down day later.

Too many offensive rebounds for Utah but aside from that, CJ and JV need to remember how to play basketball. Both shooting career lows in fg%. Neither of them are good defenders so if they aren’t going to play efficient offense they can’t be on the floor.

Shooting wasn't there plus bad officiating in the first quarter had our bigs on the bench for the 2nd quarter, Jazz are good but not better than us

I believe teams in this tier will give us trouble. They’re not bad enough where we can win on cruise control but they’re not good enough for us to get hyped.


Mind boggling how much the Pelicans struggle against this trash Jazz team.

Losing ain't the problem. Getting absolutely embarrassed is the issue.

Naw is apparently kobe lmao these refs like wtf lmao

Pelicans 29/78, 2/22, 18/29 so 36.7%, 9.1%, 62.1%
Jazz 41/85, 12/38, 8/12 so 48.2%, 31.6%, 66.66%

On 2 pt shots, we are 27/56 48.2%
The Jazz are 29/47 61.7%

12 players have now attempted a 3 for us...
we have 2 makes

EVERYTIME we play the Utah team we get screwed by the refs , EVERYTIME

There's no justification for going 0-3 to Utah on the season. We've lost twice. Team needs to come out with urgency and win the next one. I'm considering that a must win game.

My friend, the refs didn't go 4 for 27 from Three.

One team shot only 12 free throws; the other team shot 33. Care to guess which team was which?

Of course NAW is gonna hit more 3s than our entire team tonight

One team had 16 more rebounds than the other. Any guesses?

Zion: He tried to put the team on his back again, but it's almost impossible when no one is there to rally behind you. There are certainly some things you could knit pick about Zion's play tonight like taking a three with 10 seconds left in the third that left Clarkson enough time to put the game away early. I'll be interested to see the potential assists from this one because he was getting absolutely no help.

We gotta be cursed against the Jazz. Our shooting percentage from 3 was hilariously terrible.

It hurts so much when we're struggling and they got guys on their team contributing from the perimeter left and right keeping the game completely out of reach.

remember we won 7 straight games before tonight, we had a bad night, it happens, that kessler guy is like 9 feet tall, pels still stacked

This one is on me. We had a sewage backup in my house tonight. Last time it happened pels lost by 21 to Memphis. Pels guaranteed to play like **** when my house is full of ****.

Just one of those games where not a soul for us can hit anything and they hit random bs shots, it is what it is.

down almost 20 points, perfect way to get back into the game is constantly turn over the ball in the 4th lol

We were due for a bad game but not this bad.

Zion looks like he jumps off a trampoline

Wow. Vanderbilt is working our whole squad. Pathetic effort. Get Trey off the floor. Just airballed a three. He needs to sit. **** it, just put in the bench. This is a loss.

Why is Malik Beasley EVER open behind the arc?

Jazz could be 0-30 and we’d find a way to lose to them. We’re cursed.

Damn kessler’s good reminds me of Robert Williams

Jazz turn into ****ing monstars when they play us

Quotes from around the league

I really like this Jazz team man. I know the conventional wisdom is that they're going to slide down towards Play-In, but I just like them a lot it sucks to not see them hot.

Jazz really do give the ball away a bunch.

I’d rather play against any other team. Most annoying team to play. No true star (Markannen possibly could be) , but lots of quality players looking to prove themselves, understandably so. They will give 100% every play. Against anyone else it’s really fun to watch, when your team is against it it is frustrating

this is so true. i ****ing hate playing the jazz because of this. i was honestly more worried about playing them than the suns

Vanderbilt is our kryptonite. Long active wing tweener that’s strong enough and out works our pathetic attempts at boxing out and securing rebound with TWO hands

I ****ing hate playing against this team. I’m absolutely confident we’d beat them in a series when it’s more about your best 8 guys against their best and everyone is locked in. But we’d be beat to hell after. Pels have to find a way to match their playoff level effort, which they have every night, in a regular season game in December.

Question: do the jazz do anything other than take 3s at practice?

I think I just want to watch Kessler and Zion throw a block party.

That's why Jazz are so deadly. One of the very few teams that can beat you inside or outside

Kessler lookin like a young gobert out there

Oh man clarkson fadeaway that was crazy!

Jazz has just a bunch of good pieces that are all making pretty good decisions. It's nice to watch NBA experience vs talent, and tonight, experience is killing it.

Rudy Gay dunks, beautiful Mike Conley assists, am I watching Grit N Grind?


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Zion is a shaq and lebron hybrid

zion is a poor mans lebron. he almost always goes to his left and mostly succeeds as an iso player. Bad defender too and injury prone


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Zion is a shaq and lebron hybrid

zion is a poor mans lebron. he almost always goes to his left and mostly succeeds as an iso player. Bad defender too and injury prone
he's been a plus defender this season. and who cares if he always goes to his left when you still can't stop it? completely different player than lebron.