On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best), what is your opinion of the Jazz' season?

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    Votes: 38 46.9%
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    Votes: 31 38.3%
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    Votes: 9 11.1%
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    Votes: 2 2.5%
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I voted for 10
I base my season rating on how I felt the team would be at the start of the season. I thought AT BEST we would be a 7th seed based on how hard the west would be and with Haywood leaving.
Add in the amazing 2nd half when healthy is just hard not to be happy about.
And what really really tops it all off is Donovan ****ing Mitchell.
I was stoked for what he was gonna be after we drafted him, I loved the pick. But I didn’t see this.
Guys, I know we all know this....but we have our superstar. He is a ****ing superstar and he’s ours! He’s got all the right intangibles. Work ethic, ‘mamba mentality’, great teammate, leader ect..
Losing in 5 in the second round hurts. But ask yourself this....right after Haywood left for Boston, if someone from the future told you our season would be like this and specifically DM would be our superstar...would you be happy? Exstactic?
That’s why I’m rating it a 10. I’m so ****ing excited for next year


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Considering the cloud of doubt hanging over the team and where it was seemingly headed with the departure of H, this season was gangbusters. An off-season of improvement for this team is going to surprise a lot of people in my opinion. This team is hungry, motivated, and tight knit. That’s a good recipe!


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10 for me.
Jazz getting respect from around the league
Spida is the new face of the NBA
Favorite plays are opposing superstars driving the lane, getting to within 3 feet of the rim, and passing out because they are terrified of Gobert.
Jingles with the best meme in the NBA. Everyone gets Jingled!
Rubio adapting his game and fitting into the Jazz system and shooting like a madman.
Snyder developing both players and the team
Chemistry unheard of in the NBA
Favors showing what he can do when he is healthy
Royce having one of the best rookie seasons in recent Jazz history. If it wasn't for what's his name, we would all be salivating over Royce.
Exum showing speed which simply can not be matched by those guarding him, and insane defense that is a game changer.

Excited for your well earned vacation?


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Top 3 funnest/greatest sports seasons I've ever had as a fan in any sport. Horrible start, Mitchell starts coming along, thinking we might be kind of good around all star break, and about 2 months of checking every West game to move up or down a spot which got mentally draining. Playoffs against OKC was a dogfight every game, crushing an entire team for the second year straight. Houston admittedly bugged the **** out of me. I can't stand Harden.


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I picked nine at first, just because I thought we could have extended this series to 7.
Then I slapped myself repeatedly until I managed to change my vote.
What an amazing year. We have our generational talent we all said was necessary to win a championship. We shocked the league with our play the second half of the year. We destroyed the Thunder and gave the #1 team a huge headache before falling short because of injuries to key players.
The sky's the limit next year. This is going to be the longest summer of my life.
Go Jazz!


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10 dude.

We drafted and developed a legit star over the course of the season. Literally nothing else matters--though a lot of other good things happened!

We haven't had a player like this in a very long time. Since Stockton and Malone. We've had very good players--prime Dwill, and yes Gordin Hayweird--but not a super star. Not a hall of famer. AK47 had the most potential but either was in the wrong era and had the wrong coach or didn't have the desire to be great. The latter especially. And you see that in Mitchell. He's got the mentality and the talent. Nothing can stop him. He's going to be a hall of famer.

I've never seen anything like what Mitchell did in the post season from a rookie. I will probably rewatch the OKC series when i am going through withdrawal this off season. It was really incredible and we are going to be talking about it as a major turning point for years. That we broke up the OK3 is really funny, and a feather in our cap. That it was Paul George and Chris Paul who convinced Mitchell to join the draft and are his biggest mentors around the league is amazing. SO many great story lines that I think we will only come to process in the off season as we think and talk about it. It will become part of the mythology of Donovan. He took over that series. 38 points in an elimination game. I mean--what else is there to say. Watch game six. How many guys in the league can do that? There's nothing left for him to prove--he's a star. Now it's how bright will he shine.

And even against an insanely good rockets team, where he was being asked to do way too much because of injuries, was gassed from playing more basketball at a higher level than he had ever played in his life, he still took over games for stretches, kept us in the series. Like. This game 5 was an incredible game even though we lost. He couldn't get going in the first half and yet was still playing well, was running the offense. And you could feel him lurking. You know he wouldn't go quietly. And then he scored 22 points in the third, or whatever it was. It was amazing. And he gets injured, can't stand, but is fighting to get back on the court. When they cut to him riding a golf cart back to the bench to cheer his team, and you could see him arguing with the medical staff--begging to play--man, I was so proud. We get to root for that guy for the next seven years, and hopefully for his whole career. He could have a statue out front.

We got a super star. That is what the nba is about: stars. You can have a likeable team, a great regular season even, but you can't get to the promise land without The Guy. Look at the Raptors. A great team from top to bottom. They have all stars, really good players, derozan and lowry, but those guys can't take over games in the same way chris paul can. In the same way Curry or durant or lebron can. And, in the same way Mitchell can. Jazz haven't had that since Stockton and Malone, and so we have been competitive but never great.

There is a lot else to say: snyder, Gobert, Ingles, O'Neale. Mitchell's relationship with all those guys--him and O'Neale hugging at the end of the game tonight was emotional and amazing. Snyder's faith in Mitchell and that Mitchell knows he has a great coach who believes in him. Gobert's defensive player of the year. he dominated this season. Don't get it twisted. He needs to improve around the rim and he needs to improve guarding the perimeter but he was elite this year, all year. He was not near as bad as people make it out this series. Look at the defensive ratings. He struggled offensively and that has to change, but he made up for it on the defensive end. We actually played the rockets great--just didn't have the offensive fire power. it came down to talent and depth.

I don't know what else happens but having Mitchell, Gobert, Ingles, and O'neale locked up for the long term is ****ing incredible though. O'neale is going to be a really, really good player. He convinced me of that this series. O'Neale is another incredible story.

So many. But for now I'll just leave it at Mitchell. Nothing else needs to be said. You draft a superstar, make the second round in a stacked western conference with him leading the team, develop him into a player in one season that it usually takes guys four seasons to get to... that's a 10. It took Hayward seven years to get us to the playoffs. Think about that. We have so much time when it comes to Mitchell. The window is open and it is big. This was the most important season for this franchise in over a decade. Things are going to be different now.

We can come down from the cross of rebuilding and being average. The Jazz are back.