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Reports in the local media Jazz to re-sign Exum


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Your incredible negativity and tendency toward character assassination has been repeatedly noted.

should see the stuff he's posting elsewhere...

So in a new building at work, and this one has another bathroom-talky-guy. What the everloving **** is up with guys that want a nice little chat whilst pissing? He kept looking over, laughing, talking about the most banal **** you can imagine. Kept waiting for a response. But he underestimated my ability to sustain an awkward pause. I should be allowed to shoot those people, tbh.

I have a whole list of people I should be allowed to shoot. Time to get Trump back in the white house so I can get this approved!!

disgusting behaviour.


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It sounds like this ain't gonna happen. How about signing Justin Jackson 6'7" a 1st round pick taken two picks after Spida. He got a ring with the Bucks last year and has won an NCAA championship. I think he would be better than Oni.