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Roster Building From Here - FA and Summer of 2023

The main reason the Jazz got the players they did in the Gobert and Mitchell trades was to match their max salaries.

I’m not saying the returning players don’t have value, but they were the ballast, they weren’t the main targets.

I expect a Mavs trade to be similar. However, the Jazz might not necessarily have to salary match which is different (and better for all parties).
And Wolves were not offering Jaden Mcdaniels in the deal… cuz they needed him. If we did get Luka or Dame we’d need to keep Lauri and Walker or we’d become a version of the teams that traded them. It’s picks or nothing… and we are cool with nothing.

Luka looks like me running up the court on defense... I am 40 and logged zero minutes as an NBA player. Its amazing what he can do... imagine if he got 100% committed to being an athlete.
A Luka trade would be amazing, but I fear a double stupid trade with NOP for Zion. Some smoke around Zion -> Dallas.
My #1 target next year is prying away Patrick Williams from the bulls but wouldn't go higher than 2 picks for him.

I think he is the perfect compliment with lauri and Walker.
I can nearly guarantee Sexton is eventually packaged in a trade for a star.
I'm sure a 6'1'' combo guard who can't stay on the floor will go a long way toward getting a star.

Sexton has played pretty well this season when he's been able to, but come on now. We may throw him in as a sweetener but he'll never be one of the main pieces in a trade like that.

We only have two of those: Lauri and Kessler.
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