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Salt Lake City Summer League, July 8-10


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Tony Jones just posted that a six foot dude from ORU and Texas will play for the Jazz. He averaged 24.2 ppg one season.
An interesting guy that I'm sure is destined to the Stars is Armando Bacot. Kessler couldn't beat him out at UNC and transferred to Auburn. Seems like a solid college player and was a McDonald's All American. If Kessler doesn't light it up, I wonder if he is trade material.
Here’s what I want to see:

Keyonte / Collier / Abmas
Williams / Procida
Hendricks / Sensabaugh / Sane
Lofton / (Hendricks)
Kessler / Filipowski / Bacot
You think Procida is playing in Summer League?
He's under contract for one more year overseas. He did hang out with the Pistons during summer league last year, but could not play.

Not sure what his buyout is, but unless the Jazz buy him out I don't see him playing. If they want him, they should sign him no later than next year before he signs another multi-year contract.