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Shaq vs Rudy


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Rudy please fly out to Atlanta. It would be very entertaining. Race him to the t.v. Dunk on him. Get a block and let him have a charity dunk.


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Rudy's probably one of the best defenders in NBA history, but nobody is capable of locking down Shaq in his prime...he was an absolute beast.
I just don't know if Rudy would have the strength to be able to do it. Wilt might have been able to - remember, he blocked someone's dunk so hard it dislocated the dude's shoulder. Like, if there are fouls called, then maybe Rudy could stand his ground, he's quick enough and smart enough, but when Shaq was rolling, there are very few people who ever lived who would have a chance at physically stopping him.
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Shaq is just too big and could back everyone down especially with how the officiating was. You’d have to draw offensive fouls.