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Shots Fired in Philadelphia


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I wish I could embed the tweet but I'm struggling with understanding what that means. So instead an article;

Funny on so many levels. History repeats in Philadelphia, playoff loss followed by Embiid throwing a teammate under the bus publicly. I don't think Embiid said anything that isn't true, Harden looks half the player he was a few years ago (oddly he's twice the size.) he looks like he's in terrible shape and I'm guessing most of his post game recovery is done in some form of gentlemen's club.

So another year of chaos coming in Philly, the front office has to be pissed with Embiid, Doc Rivers will likely bolt to LA to pick up the Lakers gig and Harden will pout and stink it up like no other. (good time to be a stripper in Philly I reckon.)

Harden will be on the move, will anybody touch that contract? As far as i know they haven't got any picks to deal have they? I wouldn't mind Harris and Thybulle on the roster if we can steal them anyway in the chaos.
James Harden is making $44MM next year? Wow.

He's provided a nice cautionary tale to other elite athletes on how quickly your body can fall apart if you don't take care of it.
If you hate porous defense, you'd never let Harden within ten feet of this team (which, oddly enough, is how he defends on the court anyway).
Harden is really good, but he's Dantoni ball. You put him in a different system and he just isnt the same player.

It's an effective system, but I have no desire to watch Harden-style Dantoni ball. I hate that the Jazz made a large move in that direction this year. Made the team way less enjoyable to watch.
I think foreign players just have less tact with how they communicate. They seem to be much more "to the point" and less coded. That probably rubs some the wrong way. It's probably why Jimmy really loved playing with Embiid. They from the same cloth. Some players are just built different. THen you have dudes like Mitchell and those types who dont want any critique because it will hurt their "brand".

Like Rudy, I think Embiid would probably be better served by being a "lead by example" leader and not someone who says too much.
In for Harden if it's our ultimate tank move.

If i was invested in some sort of all you can eat gentlemen's establishment in Salt Lake City i'd be all in on trading for Harden, outside of that i can't see any benefit. Like so many futile attempts in my sexually barren youth, I would suggest a three-way.
I had an addled moment earlier where I imagined Elton Brand being so pissed with Embiid that we could offer him Rudy for Embiid straight up and he'd consider it.
I absolutely cannot stand Embiid. One of the least likeable players in the league. Complete *******. And I absolutely want him on our team paired up with Mitchell. It would be like a $20 handy in a back alley, fun while it lasted but I would hate myself in the morning.