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Speculation: Did the Jazz leak the rumor...

Release the Kraken

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Offer Conley and O Neale for Simmons
Moneywise that works
Keep Ingles to babysit Simmons
Simmons starting PG
Hughes or House starts for Royce
I thought about that as well, I mean from interviews I guess they’re fairly tight or at least they have a lot of respect for each other. Just gotta hope that ingles woes are just slump or injury related and not just age or he becomes an expensive babysitter IMO.


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So Simmons and Gobert on the court together is a good idea all of a sudden?
Yes, because unlike Embiid, Gobert is a low usage player. There are no post ups to double and PnRs can be deadly between them because Simmons has size and is also a great passer.

His fit with Donovan would be more of an issue but Jazz could run slip screens between them or handoffs to keep them both engaged in a play. They would also be staggered.

Release the Kraken

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Philly would clearly need more. I would go with Conley, Clarkson and a top 5 protected first for Simmons.

Philly is a legit contender with this deal. They are having a good season without Simmons, and adding those two gives them fantastic postseason depth.

We would go with:

Royce off the bench kind of early. Play Simmons whenever Rudy sits.

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Yeah, I think we win the sweepstakes with that combination but as erratic and often maligned as he is, I hate losing our instant offense. Another deal that works on paper creating a bit of a trade exception for Philly is Mike, Gay and Dok for Simmons and end of the bench guys that play the same positions (Reed and Bassey).


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Bogey and Ingles will never get a shot up as their defenders would be glued to them. And Don will be forever double teamed leaving Simmons open at the 3pt line. When it matters in clutch time, thats what will happen.

Just doesnt work with Gobert
In crunch time, Royce is in for Rudy. Crunch time is when teams go small.

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