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Summer League Day 2 [Jazz play at 7PM]


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Forrest being ready for real NBA minutes is my only takeaway. Mem featured their B team tonight so of course a lot of guys would look better against much lower competition.


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So right now Forrest makes the 15 man roster
Brantley and Teague are Jazz two-way players
Only decision is what to do with Oni
He still seems border line
Keep him or find another wing player


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Gobert / Whiteside / Azubuike
O’Neale / Gay / Paschall
Bogdanovic / Ingles /
Mitchell / Clarkson /
Conley / Butler / Forrest

Oni, Hughes and Brantley appear to be competing for the last 2 roster spots, unless the Jazz put Forrest on another 2-way.


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Teague's hitch looked noticeably less hitchy tonight. If I didn't know about it, I wouldn't have guessed that he had one.


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Never understand why they got back-to-back games at summer league. Mem sitting all of their good players really killed all the fun for this game.
Yes, I thought this was going to be the best game of the Jazz Summer League. Kind of sad they didn't play their recently drafted & two-way guys.