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The Jazz are starting to practice together!!!

Coach Ellis

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Conley may be the vet that wants to stay. I wouldn't be surprised. Older kids make change less desireable.
As long as the Jazz prioritize developing the young guys. I still think Bogey, Conley and Beasley are all traded before the deadline and they’ll buy out Rudy Gay about then as well.


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Of course Conley is there. I would think that his kids are in school here so there isn't anywhere else he is going to be. I also expect him to be in great shape because he is the consummate pro and he knows the best way to compete for a championship at his age is to play well to start the season and build some trade value. If he is on the team to start the season then I think we keep him in the 24-28 minute a game range which gives him enough minutes to show out and stay fresh while also leaving minutes for some of the other guards to gain experience.


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Unless he ends up as part of a Westbrook trade, I’m actually pretty curious to see how Malik Beasley fits into things.
I think most on this board are seriously sleeping on Beasley. He was genuinely contrite about his legal action. He has a chip on his should and wants to redeem himself. Its a good combination to gamble on a player in this situation and his talent. I think we could leverage him into a much bigger asset down the road.