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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

Burks is making his mark again
Could it be that he is washed. It happens to 100% of the players eventually.
I'm sure that's the case. Just funny to me he blames it on anything but himself. He just wasn't given a chance, see? He would have been a triple double machine if he just had the chance. But they robbed him of that.
Just saying Gordo is content with the $$ and not driven to bust himself to be a better player. Was also true when he flew the coop for his amazing first minute in Boston as well.
Uhhh, he left to go to a true contender, how is that not driving himself to be a better player? It's not like Boston was the title favorite. They would still have to beat Lebron and/or the Warriors.
Gobert is playing like he wants to get mocked, and he'd deserve it.

I have no idea why he decided this was the game, of all games, he was going to try to score by himself everytime he touches the ball. Insanely stupid. Inexcuseable.