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The *OFFICIAL* Russia Is About To Invade Ukraine Thread

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I care about Ukraine. BLM has never invaded my country, tortured my fellow countrymen, killed thousands of innocent civilians, and threatened the world with nuclear war. Putin is a monster. Here’s what his Sean Hannity said the other night:

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I don't get it
1. A few weeks ago Tucker claimed that Putin was winning the war.

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2. Then Ukraine retook large swaths of territory.
3. Today Putin ordered a partial mobilization of Russian men aged 18-60.

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4. Annnndddd now Russians are trying to get the **** out of dodge by any means possible

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Soooooo much winning. Kinda like Donald’s wall, trade war with China, and political campaign of 2020.

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I'm all for supporting the side that is much less awful, and refuse to give up pointing out that sides missteps nonetheless.

I don't think its a massive misstep, they're on the offensive, putting a bit a fear into the Russian troops is not a terrible idea from a propaganda standpoint. The enemy is on the backfoot, they're reeling, aggressive messaging, portraying strength and ruthlessness could be a wise tactic.