Jack Strop

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What impressed me most about Favors was his professionalism. Jazz moved Jefferson and Millsap so Favs could be a starter along with Kanter. Then Rudy steals Enes' lunch money and becomes the starting 5. Since that moment, Derrick has heard constantly he isn't a fit with Rudy. He's been on the trading block every summer and at the deadline. But he never pouted, never quit on a team like Butler, Kwahi, AD, etc. He always gave everythig he had, even when hurt. He was a warrior and a role model for young basketball players.

Gonna miss you, Derrick. I'll always hope a team will claim you off waivers and then you come back to Utah next year. I know it's not going to happen, but you deserve a ton of credit for all that you've been through. From that crazy trade for DWill to now being moved for Bojan. May the wind be always at your back and the road rise up to meet you. Good luck wherever you land.

Lord Bullingdon

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This was his finest moment. This was glorious to watch. Whiteside was fuming mad. Rudy was out injured this game if you recall.


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Man, I’m gonna miss Favors. Always a class act. Always worked hard and never complained even when he could have. A consummate pro, great teammate, talented guy with a solid work ethic. Good luck to you. I really hope you land in an amazing situation for your talents and family.


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Gonna miss the big fella, loved his work, dude played hard, wish him the very best.


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Favors is going to beast in New Orleans. Pels fans are going to love him. Hope the Jazz got something good for keeping him out of the hands of LA, LA or NY. Screw all of them.

The Jazz Wonderbra

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Loved ya favs. Wish we could keep you but we need space for Spida. Keep balling and Utah fans will keep cheering for you.

PS. Thanks for bringing back draft picks to the jazz on your way out. Classy and efficient on the court and showing it on the way out unlike kankles and his Boston baked beans. Love you favors! Go injure Lebron, Giannis, and Embid and we will send you a ring.


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Thanks DFavs! For everything you brought to the Jazz, everything you sacrificed. You'll always be a favorite of mine.

Much love always.

Stars Fan

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This is the only thing that tempers my gushing enthusiasm over today. We are going to miss DFavs beast mode. (I know I am at least) Let's start a drive to give him a standing o on his first return to the Viv.

Douchebag K

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I can’t wait to watch NOLA. They’re gonna be entertaining as heck and I think Fav will shine. So glad we managed to send him to a good situation


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Congrats Utah Jazz for treating our own kid fairly. He'll play for a very interesting team that will attract the national spotlights all the season.


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I can’t wait to watch NOLA. They’re gonna be entertaining as heck and I think Fav will shine. So glad we managed to send him to a good situation
I honestly just wish that good situation had been in the Eastern Conference, like maybe Atlanta...

From past experience, Favors is not a player I want my team to face in the playoffs.


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Consummate professional. Heck of a player, admire how he dealt with adversity during his time here, never a distraction despite going through a lot. In my opinion we would have lost the Clippers and OKC series without him. Hope he is an all-star for NO next year.