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Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey

Danny lied when he said we weren’t interested in a full tank job. Didn’t he say something like that?
If there is no draft pick then i don’t understand. Can someome make this make sense?
I guess the value could simply be that it makes us worse and therefore improves our own 2023 draft pick.

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This is all it could be. Only thing that makes sense.
So this was just purely a salary dump...Bogey must be pissed lol I mean at least trade him to a contender. JZ gloated about all our veterans and how much they mean to the Jazz and how they put Rudy and Don in a position to WIN then they turn around and screw Bogey!?!?
This may be the worst trade that I have ever seen. Makes zero sense to trade one of the best shooters in the league for nothing.
I 1000% do not understand this. No part of this makes sense. Just buy him out if this is the “most” (absolute stinking garbage) we can get.


Pretty sure Ainge is deranged. DerAinge.
Olynyk is only 3M guaranteed next year. Lee looks like a waive candidate. We saved 4.9M.

I’m going to be positive and say we are making more room to take on Westbrook and save the Lakers money in the deal.
Nah, that **** is dead. Lakers need good NBA players and we traded one for 0 players and two roster spots.

When you can trade a really ****ing good NBA player for Kelly Olynyk and an absolutely whatever 6’ 2” guy you have to I guess.
This is a full tank job. Ainge doesn’t want more talent, not sure why the pistons couldn’t have at least thrown in a protected pick, swap or even a few seconds. I mean it’s Lee and another white center. It’s the 90’s all over again.