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Trade deadline discussion


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There used to be an obsession about, “can this guys be the best player on a championship team”. I’m glad that’s faded out…but sometimes the simplest things are the most telling.

Take a look at all the recent champions. They don’t just have one DPOY player and a bunch of buns, they typically have a DPOY player surrounded with high level, all defense type players. The one recent exception would probably be LeBron’s Cavs

Bucks - Giannis, Jrue, Lopez, Tucker
Lakers - AD, Playoff LeBron, Caruso, Green
Raptors - Kawhi, Gasol, Lowry, Green
Warriors - Draymond, Igoudala, Klay, Durant
Spurs - Kawhi, Duncan, Green, Splitter

These teams are absolutely stacked on defense. For the Jazz…we have Gobert. He may be the greatest of all time, but front there we have to squint our eyes to see any of players as good defenders in any situation. Royce is considered a good defender simply by proxy lol.
-these teams have 3-4 2way players.
-durant,lebron, AD, Duncan are rare breeds of talent And size.
-Lowry is just 6'0, conley size but he's badass
-these teams are built to defend and dominate

how about us?


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I could picture something like this actually happening. The Celtics apparently like Ingles. Kuzma gives us a 3D forward who rebounds. He's been playing well, and he literally has Utah mountains tattooed on his back. Wizards have a logjam and want to give minutes to Rui and Deni. Jazz likely throw in a 2RP and/or a young player.

I think Richardson would be a better fit here, I’d rather just cut WAS out of the deal.


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I am back and forth on Kuzma. I do think he would bring a good energy to the team. However, any trade for him would have to include Either Bogey or Gay. Ingles is our backup PG.


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Royce is way too disrespected on here constantly. Yes, he's not a lockdown defender. HE's still a great defender and one of the more versatile defenders in the NBA.

He isnt Gerald ****ing Green.

Lol. He wouldn't start on any other contending team. He would come off the bench and be the truly good energy player he really is.

Great defender? He was awful in the Denver and Clippers series. He makes plays, has had some really good games, but overall not a "great" defender. Versatile sure.