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January 7th is reported in several places on the internet. That’s the date I’d trust.

Dejounte Murray is January 9th. Based on how some of the insiders are talking I wonder if Knicks already have something lined up for Murray or someone else.
I don’t think he makes the winning plays that White does. I see what you are going for. I think for a team that needs some usage/creation that Murray might be better for us than White but maybe not. I think for a team that already has a guy like Tatum that White is a much better fit.

Murray is just one of those guys I think is good but if we got him and he was much better or much worse than what I thought I wouldn’t be surprised either way. I think we’d be an ideal situation for him to put up numbers and help us win more but it’s mostly cuz our pg situation is ***.
To me White is the ultimate version of what we wanted DedEx to be. The perfect modern day 3D combo guard who can do a bit of everything and switch onto every position.

But he is also kinda in the perfect situation with Boston that maximized his skillset like you mentioned. Murray is still the better individual player in terms of his iso play and shot creation, as shown last night.

View: https://youtu.be/-MqLuRkeGbQ?si=WRa93gkKQvpqUKZr

You see a lot of "you can't guard me" type of iso plays in which he simply bullied the defender that I doubt White could make.

So the question would be If you put Murray on the Celtics, can he function as well as White, if not better. But yes, Murray is clearly the better fit for us than White because we don't have the Celtics roster.
THT trade idea:

Jazz out: THT + Samanic/Yurt
Jazz in: Fournier + pick compensation from NYK

Wiz out: Delon Wright
Wiz in: THT

NYK in: Delon + Samanic/Yurt
NYK out: Fournier + pick compensation
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