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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz


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Woj says Bogey for Saben Lee (drafted 38th by us in 2020) and Olynyk. I don't quite get it.

Release the Kraken

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Conley, Gay and Butler out, Hayward (maybe a protected first or a second) in. We do it primarily to trim the roster to fifteen as required prior to Opening night. (If we don't do a trade like this that reduces personnel, we will be forced to waive three of: Butler, Johnson, Azubuike, NAW, and Bolmaro, as they have the least owed, and this is the most cost efficient method.) There goes the youth movement. They do the trade to get off the Hayward contract which is no doubt a bad contract for a player with a history of injuries, and to generate fan interest for a team that whiffed on Kenny Atkinson, is still hanging on pins and needles regarding Miles Bridges and besides the Mark Williams signing, only the one year deal on Dennis Williams Jr (big gamble if that's the best you can do for a backup PG).

And the beauty of it, as far as we're concerned, is that Hayward might ask for a buyout, which would solve all of our problems prior to tip off October 19th - all three of them.
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