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Trent Forrest fan club

Colton is able to see the Trent for the Forrest.
Seems a good pick up, insterested on seeing how his development goes, but looked good, even like too good for a two way
I like him but I like every one of our scrubs and think they have potential.

Except Brantley, I like him but that he really needs to able to fit in.
Who is joining me? I'm really impressed. Has some good skills, always looks under control. I think he can be a real contributor in the future.
I like him, I’m just not sure he’s an nba player. I’ve yet to see him take a jump shot, and that scares me. He at least needs to be a threat to hit a jumper if wide open, and at this point his shot is still a mystery to me, so I’m not sure what to think.
Did you like JWF last year.
Lol, yeah but it was more homerism than anything. He played fast and threw some one handed passes and leaked in transition and that was enough to buy me.

I would add him near Brantley in the list.
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He plays defense and that's what I asked for so I'm joining this fan club. Punch and pie for all members of the Forrest Club.
I’m in. And it seems like all the Florida State fans absolutely rave about him as a person and a player. And he can throw lobs!!