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Ultimate Tank Trade Master Plan

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I'd rather have more future picks than picks this year.

This year isnt a great draft for high end talent. I don't see a lot of potential out there in terms of All-Stars. This is more a role player draft.

Banchero, Ivey and Sharpe are potential All Stars, imo. Jabari and Chet too ofc.


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I'd do the Donovan to the Knicks for 6 1st rounders and the Rudy trade I'd do also. What's that then 11 1st rounders to go full tank from a 1st round playoff bust?


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Can somebody photoshop Westbrick on this Panzer IV please?


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It would be funny if he actually opted out of his contract after being traded to Utah.
Danny schedules a meeting... Russ' agent tells him not to give anything back and we will work out a buyout.

Danny starts off "Here's how we envision you coming off the bench and helping out off ball..." Russ interrupts "I'm opting out peace..." Danny smiles deviously.


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As long there are some major moves, it'd be good. If they do the whole 'run it back' scenario again, I would personally drive to slc and kick all of FO a**es.


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We have plenty of pieces to move around to create another strong team. Anyways it's what Ainge wants to do. TIA.

We have:
-an ancient point guard that is literally one of the smallest players in the entire league on a pretty big contract
-a really good forward who most would label a stiff on an expiring contract
-a dude that will shoot you out of more games than games he really helps win.
-a “defensive specialist” who can’t stay with guards or fight through screens. And who is basically a 0 on offense.
-two dudes that are the only ones worth building around that dislike each other. One is on a super max contract and basically 30 and the other is a spoiled to **** snake that refuses to play defense.
-one of the only dudes in the league as old as the aforementioned ancient tiny PG
-a PG that can’t shoot and is scared to do anything besides play D and move the ball
-A guard that Quin won’t play
-basically no picks to grease deals

Improving this team - that has a totally broken locker room and a checked out coach - today would be an incredible achievement. This build was burned black at the end of the regular season, and now is burned to white ash. It shouldn’t be hard to find a team desperate enough to take on some of our pieces, but you usually need picks or young players to upgrade the vets you’re sending out.